Trustlook: Safeguarding Customers’ Digital Assets with an AI-powered Security Engine

Allan Zhang  | Trustlook - Safeguarding Customers’ Digital Assets with an AI-powered Security Engine

This year has seen cyber warfare reach unprecedented scale and velocity, with many multi-billion dollar organizations making headlines over the reports of major breaches. And the forecasts from Gartner suggest that this trend is likely to continue in the coming years. It has become the responsibility of organizations to secure their networks from these sophisticated hackers, who are capable of shutting down organizations’ critical infrastructures and exploiting digital assets quickly.

The recent developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning are a positive sign in the fight against security threats. When integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into a network, an administrator can spot hackers’ intrusions in real-time, and can fight global cyber warfare with diligence.

Trustlook, a next generation cybersecurity solution provider,is one such company that is at the forefront of fighting this ongoing global cyber warfare with its AI-powered security engine and suite of products. They provide the industry’s most sophisticated security engine for mobile phones, network appliances, and the IoT. In fact, Trustlook has been named a leading solution by AV-TEST, the foremost third-party cybersecurity rating firm. Today, the company has over 75 million users across all its consumer apps.They also provide security products for app developers, OEMS, system integrators, and large enterprises. Huawei, the world’s third largest telecommunication device maker, uses Trustlook’s security engine in all their phones distributed in China.

Even though today’s hackers are using very advanced techniques, many organizations still use traditional security methods, which can take weeks or months to identify intrusions. To help organizations address these challenges, Trustlook employs artificial intelligence as the foundation for all their products. “Whether it’s our mobile product or IoT product, we use AI to process the data we receive to improve the performance,” says Allan Zhang, CEO and Co-Founder of Trustlook.“Many legacy systems need to be constantly updated. But with AI, the model continually learns and improves, resulting in a high level of accuracy that gets better over time.”

With the advent of digitization, the explosion of connected devices, and the Internet of Things, organizations across all industries have realized the strategic risks of cyber attacks. In the modern era, cyber experts point to artificial intelligence and machine learning as the only technologies which organizations can confidently rely on when carrying out tasks related to cybersecurity. And this trend will only intensify in the coming years, as it’s nearly impossible for organizations to stay one step ahead of cyber threats without leveraging these advanced technologies.

Trustlook has been consistently protecting its clients from attacks since its inception in 2013. Bolstered by leading experts and innovative minds in the tech industry, the company has developed a security engine that can be applied to any computing environment. It combines the best aspects of static and dynamic malware analysis—with artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core--giving it the most reliablerange of coverage.

Going forward, the company is very excited about the developments in its network appliance and IoT security offerings. Network appliances, for instance, have been,relying on an outdated security model for many years. They are a perfect candidate for Trustlook’s next generation AI-based SECUREai Core product. In addition, their IoT security solution is unique, and is in a space that desperately needs to take security seriously. “Those will be the main drivers of growth for Trustlook,” concludes Zhang.