Welcome Nemo - The Underwater Drone

Engineers and developers at the Aquarobotman have created a brand-new ultrahigh-definition 4K smartphone controlled underwater drone they have been calling as Nemo. Designed to explore below the waves of depth of around 328 feet using an ultra-stable virtual reality view and UHD 4K 30FPS camera. The Nemo underwater drone was launched via Kickstarter to raise a capital of $30,000 needed to start the bulk production.

 “Nemo raises the bar of underwater photography and exploration. Thanks to its unique four tandem thrusters design, Nemo can maintain perfect stability underwater.”

 Besides a rechargeable battery and 4-axis balance technology, key features of Nemo include LED lighting, 4K camera, VR controller and smartphone control application that works on both iOS and Android devices. “As video enthusiasts, we don’t want our adventures to end when we get to the seashore. We want to explore the underwater world, even without physically jumping into the sea. That’s why we created Nemo, an ultra-stable underwater drone with an Ultra High-Definition 4K camera.“

The controlling of the drone can be done using a smartphone which are interconnected using a dedicated wireless network; this also provides the option of live video streaming. The current price for the drone has been set around $799.