Patent Approved: Huawei to Launch Gaming Smartwatch with Selfie Camera

Huawei is developing a gaming-oriented smartwatch that would be capable of taking selfies and performing several other unique functions. This was revealed in a latest set of documentation released by The World Intellectual Property Organization earlier this month.

 This multipurpose smart band connected to this newly patented smartwatch is touch-sensitive and can be converted into a controller by swiping movement or a long press. These input methods can be used for choosing text or navigating the on-screen cursor. It would also serve as a control technique for games and several other apps. The gadget is believed to have modern day sensors like gyroscope and accelerometer so that it observes gestures. The touch-enabled band is also capable of detecting the pull or twist to interpret them further for controller input.

 Usually the games are played horizontally, with the band held in both the hands. Huawei has also visualized a few cases where the user would not need to remove the smartwatch from their wrist for playing. Example for this can be a racing game that allows the user to accelerate by touching the top of the watch and braking by swiping at the bottom. The watch will contain inbuilt front-facing camera that can be used for selfies with the band being able to act as a shutter activator. The screen of the wearable and the band both support the pinch-to-zoom and other camera functions. According to the documentation, the basic package includes several motion-controlled games as well.

Still relying on a WIPO application it filed in December last year, Huawei has protected 2 similar designs back in China with the older IP dating back to 2015, whereas the state of affairs suggests that the firm has been working on the development of the gadget since past 3 years; there is no clarity on the plans to commercialize it considering that the market of Huawei’s wearables showing signs of retardation. The successor of Huawei Watch 2 planned to be released by 2017 is yet to be announced. Apart from this, Huawei has been vying for the patent of several other wearable-specific solutions.