Google Tightens Policies to Purchase Political Ads

Google Tightens Policies to Purchase Political Ads

In a recent turn of events, Google has come out with strict rules for those posting political ads throughout the upcoming US elections to prove their American nationality as either voters or permanent residents.


The initiative is an element of the updation the policies in turn to make the political adverts more transparent. Moreover, advertisers now need to share the details of their sponsors.


With the revelation that some Russian propaganda outfits are misusing these ad platforms, many social media corporations have updated their policies.


In the blog that announced the amendment, Kent Walker, Google senior Vice-president mentioned that the change has been made based on a last year’s commitment about being transparency on political party fundings. "Advertisers will have to provide a government-issued ID and other key information," said Mr Walker.


Consequently, Google has planned to release a transparency report this summer that purely deals with election-based advertising. This would provide details like who bought the ads and at what price. This data would be present in a database that anyone can have access to.


Solely applied to the US elections currently, Google plans to have better controls in other campaign seasons.


Both Facebook and Twitter have recently opened up regarding the sale and purchase of political ads and have been introducing tighter controls as to who should be purchasing ads. This came in response to a number of reports that claimed Russian actors with links to Kremlin had been buying political adverts and influence American voters. Although there were around 3,000 such ads, they did not support any particular candidate but had sensitive topics like immigration.