SAP and Apple Partnership to Boost iOS Platform

SAP and Apple are planning to extend their partnership that started a year ago with the release of SAP Cloud Platform software development kit (SDK) made for iOS. The release marks the first major collaboration by both the tech companies after they decided to come together to build custom, enterprise-grade iOS applications using Apple’s new programming language, Swift.

"Our focus is on helping iOS developers speed up their productivity," said Rick Knowles, SAP senior vice president and general manager, Apple partnership. "It will also enable better efficiency in the creation of mobile applications that developers want to create in and with iOS."

SDK has the ability to speed up efficiency of mobile platforms and could help Apple to reach out to a wider audience base spread across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and retail. The first apps are expected in the market later this year, and are likely to become popular among digital companies of the modern era.

Rick Knowles said, "When most people begin talking about digital transformation, they start with the businesses’ core functions," said Knowles. "Then they might move from there on to departmental areas or lines of business, like HR. But where is the user in that discussion?" If we're going be focused on digital transformation, we should look at the job functions first. Let’s look at the individual people that are actually doing the work and let’s help them be more productive."

That’s where the partnership between SAP and Apple comes into play.. "Let’s create beautiful applications that hide all the complexity and give workers the tools they need to execute their jobs in a simple, easy way. That’s the ultimate goal for enterprise users," said Knowles.

The partnership between SAP and Apple can be crucial to the digital economy and their plans stretch way beyond creating mobile apps. SAP has always been a leader in the digital industry and Apple is also not far behind with its unique brand of mobile services. The companies are all geared up to create a new enterprise ecosystem around iOS.

The expansion of digital services has in a way compelled businesses to look into new areas of product growth. Having measured the big change in the IT industry, SAP is ready to partner with different type of companies to better adopt in the digital era.