Salesforce Launches Einstein AI to Enhance User Engagement

Salesforce, the worldwide CRM leader has launched it new product for the financial services marketplace. Financial Services Cloud Einstein, an AI-Powered customer relationship management (CRM) has been built by Salesforce keeping in mind the changing relationship of financial advisors and clients. Financial advisors today must be able to access all the information that is useful to clients, and understand their ecosystems to come up with more accurate analysis of data. By applying AI techniques, Salesforce aims to solve these complex problems that clients face in their financial lives.

With the Financial Services Cloud Einstein tool, companies can effectively manage data to drive a more personalized relationship between advisors and clients. Einstein AI has been designed in a way to make data truly important and to help financial advisors unlock new clients’ opportunities. The product was first introduced in the market in March 2016, and since then, it has enabled a host of financial institutions to explore multiple applications and users in mere seconds. Some of the top fintech companies currently using Financial Services Cloud are Transamerica Financial Network (TFN), Perigon, Veterans First Mortgage and Wealth Enhancement Group. While AWS and Azure remain the top public cloud platforms for enterprises, Salesforce is pushing hard to consolidate its position in the cloud market.

Salesforce has added new innovations to Financial Services Cloud Einstein. Einstein Opportunity Insights enable advisors to boost productivity and intelligently uncover opportunities based on clients’ sentiments, competitor mentions and overall engagement. Relationship Builder gives advisors the ability to easily connect information about clients and their households in one place, and edit their existing roles and activities. Relationship Groups enable advisors to link clients to multiple households, trusts and business groups to ensure they have holistic views of wealth across all accounts and relationships.

Financial Services Cloud is part of Salesforce’s next generation tools, intended to enhance the relationship between the client and the advisor. “Relationships are complicated. Clients are often part of multiple households and play multiple roles,” said Rohit Mahna, SVP and GM of Financial Services, Salesforce.

“Financial Services Cloud Einstein gives advisors a snapshot of a client’s entire wealth ecosystem, and empowers them to uncover new opportunities that exist within their client’s extended household or relationship groups. And with Einstein AI built-in, advisors can better prioritize their days and engage with the right clients at the right time.”