QA & Testing


Zephyr, the industry’s fastest growing provider of enterprise quality and test management software, today announces its install base has grown to 12,000 customers. This impressive milestone reflects the trust Zephyr commands among industry leaders and demonstrates the company’s commitment to transform their customers DevOps journey.

Ten years ago, Zephyr introduced a new way of managing quality. "We experienced a staggering interest in our test management tool from the very beginning" says Scott Johnson, CEO for Zephyr. “We were amazed by the support coming from the software quality community and the remarkable response coming from our early adopters. Today, we feel very proud and thankful, that our early adopters have not only grown into our biggest accounts, but also become our strongest advocates.”

oday with 12,000 customers, over 2 million users and executing more than 30 million testcases, Zephyr continues to change how software quality is managed by pursuing an aggressive product roadmap that is highly responsive to the dynamic and evolving customer needs. As companies make their DevOps journeys, project teams rely on Zephyr to provide deep visibility across their delivery pipeline, while providing seamless integration of automation and DevOps tools to render complete traceability of the entire project.

Zephyr's quality management solution allows product and IT teams to manage all aspects of their quality lifecycle. From SMB companies to Global 2000 enterprises like Daimler, Staples, Samsung, Fujitsu, IBM, Apple and NCR, Zephyr's customers benefit from faster time to market, increased team productivity, reduction in development costs and complete visibility throughout the entire development cycle.