Virtual Bookkeeper Service By BELAY

Bryan Miles

BELAY, a virtual staffing company that offers remote bookkeeping, copywriting, web support and executive assistant services, recently started the virtual bookkeeper staffing service to include for-profit organizations. The company has successfully matched virtual bookkeepers with non-profit organizations and ministries for several years, but in response to customer demand, BELAY has expanded the service to include for-profit businesses.

BELAY bookkeepers handle tasks like bank reconciliation,


Outsourcing Your Business

Marla Rausch | Animation Vertigo

The demand for the production of high-quality animated titles continues to increase with the release of newer consoles, but so does the need to keep production costs low. Cost is one of the main factors that have industry leaders looking outside the U.S. for production help, as it is a much more viable and cost-effective support option. When I began Animation Vertigo in 2004, the idea of outsourcing was a pretty unpopular topic for discussion. We’re moving away from the days where outsourcers were seen as almost a black box that worked on projects and sent it back, and where there was very little interaction between teams. When I began Animation Vertigo in 2004, the idea of outsourcing was pretty basic and completely service oriented.


What’s Next in the Outsourcing World?

The growth of the IT and software industry has been unprecedented. Modern day companies have found a way to make the best of new technologies to bring together amazing products and services for customers. The US is home to some of the world’s leading software vendors. It is true that US companies still earn sufficient revenues to rely on, but, the question that we are more interested to discover here is how the US market plans to reinvent itself under the effects of rapid tech modernization.

As globalization forces a lot of organizations to constantly improve their competitive edge, outsourcing can reduce internal costs while allowing businesses to focus on core competencies and key processes. This is why hiring the right software development partner is a critical task, but not an easy one. Many companies find themselves at a loss when it comes to starting their search. The trick to finding one quickly and efficiently is to know the five key factors that will determine success:


Discovering the Right Outsourcing Plan

Outsourcing projects without a foolproof plan can be a hindrance to managers. In a business world where executives are solely responsible for decision making, gap in quality and operational costs may lead to internal IT problems. Hence, it is important to promote people with the right skills and experience for outsourcing. Different standards apply to different industries, and with frequent outsourcing programs, the drive to improve profitability may overlook key IP considerations.

One trend in enhancing bottom line performance has been to outsource research, development and engineering. Outsourcing models including RD&E has become a trending practice as early as the 1980s.


Technology and Outsourcing for Global Businesses

Stereotypes are hard to break. Contrary to popular belief, there are very few physical safety concerns when traveling to Ukraine. The greatest “danger zone” in the country is currently limited to the Donbass region. As a global outsourcing provider with development centers in Ukraine’s Kharkiv and L’viv, we can attest that there are more and more clients from the US and Western Europe safely visiting our development centers and growing their businesses by leveraging Ukraine’s vibrant tech savvy talent.

Another voiced concern: there are disruptions in business causing clients to reconsider dealing with Ukraine.