Google introduces Titan Security Key to protect Gmail account

Google introduces Titan Security Key to protect Gmail account

US-based technology company Google has introduced its own USB device named for sale named Titan Security Key to protect Gmail account.

The Titan Security Key was developed by the tech behemoth’s in-house developers and the company later found out that none of its employees were hacked after they used the device.

The device is available in two forms – one is a USB key, while the other is a Bluetooth version that supports NFC (near field communication) and Bluetooth for cellular devices. Users are required to enroll both the keys and one stays with them while the other stays in a safe place.

The Titan Security Key looks almost identical to the keys previously introduced by the company under its Advanced Protection Program that enables high-risk users such as government officials, activists, and journalists to safeguard their accounts from hackers.

Knowing that protecting Gmail account with a password is not adequate, the company gave the security keys to its 85,000 employees last year and since then none of its staff has reported any instances of hacking.

Google says that it has used the best of the existing technology such as the FIDO (Fast ID Online) standards and developing additional extra protections inside. The keys have the company’s proprietary software that is embedded on each key that safeguards against tampering. Each of the key stores its software in a protected element that cannot be altered thereby prohibiting anyone from mining the private data in the key that asks for the user’s credentials and authentication when they login into Gmail.

To diminish the risk of manufacturing attacks, the company claims that it seals the encryption data prior to the delivery of the hardware chips to the production units where the keys are manufactured.

The keys work with most of the contemporary browsers including Google Chrome and mobile device as well as a wide array of websites and ecosystem of services such as Salesforce, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Stripe, among many others that support FIDO standards.

How to use Google’s Titan Security Key?

The Titan Security Key system has an option to need a physical USB security key prior to each log-in in a way to verify the identity of a user. With the use of a Bluetooth wireless system, the key will work the same with a cellular device. It is required to have two security keys as one will serve as a backup.

The device also includes a more detailed and lengthily accounts recovery process to prohibit unauthorized access by hackers. The company formulated a step-by-step guide to set up users with their Google Account, sign in and navigate to the two-step Verification page for advanced protection.

The keys are also compatible with the Advanced Protection Program and Google Cloud administrators can enable security key enforcement in Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Identity, and G Suite to make sure that users use security keys for their accounts.


The keys are available for $50 to U.S. customers on Google Store and are compatible with any device with a Bluetooth connection or a USB port. The keys will be made available in additional regions.