6 Ways Technology is Helping the Environment

6 Ways Technology is Helping the Environment

Technological advancements have been blamed for global warming, climate change, and deterioration of the environment.

Whereas, in reality, technology is helping in finding several solutions that by which environmental degradation can be mitigated.

Here are the six ways by which technology is helping the environment:

Harnessing Renewable Energy Sources

No doubt, renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric are eco-friendly and fewer pollutant emitters compared to their non-renewable counterparts such as coal, fossil fuels, etc.

However, harnessing renewable energy sources has been possible because of the sophisticated technology and new innovations and development in the renewable energy space.

Innovations in the renewable energy space have made more efficient. Products such as Tesla’s solar panels that seems just like normal roofing tiles that have made appealing and accessible to consumers.

Going Paperless

Individuals and businesses are utilizing way less paper compared to the previous years, more so because of smartphones, computers, and cloud storage. Smartphones have made e-ticketing, calendars, journals, to-do-lists, and digital notepads possible. Email has made paper mails, telegrams, and other paper mails obsolete. Mobile payment apps have made paperless cash transaction easier.

Environmental Monitoring

Technology is increasingly being utilized to make sure that environment-related laws and regulations are being adhered to. Technology tools such as drones, security cameras, biological tags, keep a hawk-eye on the areas that are frequented by poachers to illegally hunt endangered animals. The government also utilizes technology to keep a track on whether organizations are abiding by environmental norms.

Electric Vehicles

The mass production of electric vehicles by some innovative zero-emissions vehicles companies has gradually increased in the last few years. Electric vehicles are more sustainable and emit less pollution. Even though ridesharing vehicles allow people to utilize fewer vehicles, using electric vehicles in carpooling and ridesharing vehicles is far more effective compared to gasoline-guzzling vehicles. Because of technical advancements, the price of electric vehicles is decreasing.

Smarter Homes

Households are one of the largest energy consumers, however, the latest innovations are assisting houses to become more energy efficient and use energy optimally. Energy-efficient devices such as the motion-activated lighting and thermostats make is simpler to use energy when it is really required, saving both energy and money.

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is a development that has been made possible by technology. The sharing economy lessens the impact on the environment by allowing individuals to buy and use lesser materials. Companies such as Airbnb and Uber make it possible for people to use accommodation or vehicle without owning them. Firms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix have brought the concept of online streaming and minimized the number of DVD rentals.