NetStairs: Helping Customers Optimize Collaborative Work Environment

NetStairs: Helping Customers Optimize Collaborative Work Environment

When tackling a tight deadline like acquisitions or new project submissions, organizations rely on diverse, proficient teams of strategists or engineers to get the work done. These teams are often summoned quickly to meet the deadline and work together collaborating online and sometimes over long distances. This is where organizations comprehend the importance of real-time communications. Today’s modern workforce collaborates continually via online to work simply and efficiently and therefore requires platforms and solutions that support them to communicate in real-time.

NetStairs, a real-time communications solution provider, has been at the forefront of providing quintessential video-based solutions, right from its inception in 2000. With its quality-driven solution and services, the company has not just become the provider of real-time communications solutions, but also the facilitator of a collaborative work environment.

Today, the company offers a wide array of solutions and services that add value and enhance the productivity of customers. It includes NETSTAIRS WebRTC, icdn, Large-Scale Live event streaming, and many more. With no API integration, NETSTAIRS WebRTC Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) comes with Digital Media Room (DMR) granting content share and on-demand media including support of multi-CDN live broadcast streaming services. “Developers could add real-time communications services in their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces,” says Ahmad Moradi, Chairman, and CEO, NetStairs. Moreover, Digital Media Rooms (DMR) enables clients for seamless integration and secured replacement of stand-alone services such as Skype chat, Video Chat, Webinar, Webcast, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Live Stream, UStream, and other third-party platforms.

Quality-Driven Services and Solutions

While NETSTAIRS WebRTC empowers customers to add Real-time Peer-to-Peer digital content share with broadcasting services to their online and social media presence, NETSATIRS iCDN offers real-time accesses to a wide array of video broadcast and collaboration with peer-to-peer services. Built on intelligent Machine Learning and powered by AI, iCDN brings intuitive ease-of-use, privacy, security and most importantly scalability for large events. “iCDN (interactive Content Delivery Network) cloud services are founded on assembly and integration multi-cloud services. It empowers users to integrate and embedding SSL based content with a no-ghost policy supporting 3rd party HTML5 web services,” explains Moradi.

Since the turn of the century, media and entertainment industry, as with every other industry has been driven by digitization. Last year, the company witnessed the biggest transformation in video demand coming from the migration of Adobe Flash codec into HTML5 compliant formats and also the integration of IoE (Internet of Everything) and WebRTC connectivity serving Smart Cities’ projects.  “We experienced an insatiable thirst for increased bandwidth and higher quality for Real-Time video codec serving industries such as e-learning, telehealth, and corporate enterprise Intranet and Internet use are helping us to transition into HD quality and 5G networks,” enlightens Moradi. Moreover, today’s enterprises of all sizes are demanding for Real-Time Communication (RTC) encoding services. “The most sought-after reason is to aim at increasing user eye-ball, time spent, acquire new customers, retain subscribers and mitigate churn. Taking content with live events into Real-Time HTML5iCDN realm delivers a new user experience,” adds Moradi.

NetStairs addresses all these specific needs of consumers in no time. With its best-in-class services such as iCDN, the company is able to accommodate and support over 99+ industry standards media players including integration of proprietary players with the latest codec ranged from low quality (LQ) to 4K-8KHD delivery and including 360 VR.

A Right Partner for Video-Based Solutions

When it comes to fast moving-global market, historical data and predictive market trends have indicated that live-streaming has become the dominant and pinnacle source of online broadcasting. “We believe the future lies with Real-time Communications, collaborations, and no latency streaming services,” states Moradi. As current CDN models face stiff competition and potentially product and service obsolescence, Push technology with latency could no longer serve the need for real-time needs of the market. To a greater extent, messaging apps have filled the void. But that doesn’t solve the problem at its entirety.

That is why iCDN is the inevitable add-on service complementing current CDN based “Push” with Real-Time “Pull” technology.  Designed to integrate with Blockchain, Job Chain, AI, IoE, Smart Cities, E-Learning, Tele-Health, Payment Gateways, FINNTECH, BFSI, NETSTAIRS iCDN enables companies to kick-start their presence with Real-Time broadcasting and peer-to-peer collaboration services into a higher gear. With minimum conversion effort, NETSTAIRS’ WebRTC and HTML5 grant public and private cloud to clients renting, leasing or owning virtual venue for own brand use and connecting supply-chain / direct-to-consumers with KPI in sales painlessly.

As a customer-centric solution provider, NetStairs collaborates with its customers and helps them optimize their CDN and media platforms through the use of NETSTAIRS WebRTC Video platform. Moreover, the company showcases a host of features demonstrating the iCDN CPaaS power to help them comprehend the benefits of employing this service.  With the presence in four continents, NetStairs’ client relation managers meet in real-time with potential customers and provide real-time answers to their complex demand and settings. Moreover, through sustained collaboration and real-time communications, the company arms its clients with embedded Military Grade HTTPS HTML5 SSL iCDN to deliver the content.

The company going forward will equip NETSTAIRS iCDN with innovation and integration in the Real-Time video, VR, AI, Blockchain, and use of video as market shapes itself. Also, the company will keep striving to enhance the quality of video user experience. With nearly seven years of development, “we bet our future on integrated collaboration, RTC, broadcasting and third-party service integration,” concludes Moradi.

Quotes: NetStairs, a real-time communications solution provider, has been at the forefront of providing quintessential video-based solutions, right from its inception in 2000

NetStairs collaborates with its customers and helps them optimize their CDN and media platforms through the use of NETSTAIRS WebRTC Video platform



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