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JAVVY TECHNOLOGIES : Experience the Ideal Crypto Exchange

Although the mainstream world is yet to fully embrace cryptocurrency, firms and technology enthusiasts are increasingly adopting to blockchain technologies. The vision of a decentralized digital economy is expanding the possibilities of a mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Today, cryptocurrency has gone beyond the hype; it has captured the interest of decision-makers and investors as something that has a real business value to revolutionize the global economy. According to CoinMarketCap, there are more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies in circulation today, with a combined market capitalization of over $289 billion. Investors around the world are eager to trade in this rapidly-growing space, and increasing number of cryptocurrency platforms have emerged to meet the infrastructural needs of new blockchain start-ups.

Integrating Cryptocurrency Exchanges into a Single Wallet

With so many coins, platforms, exchanges, fragmented technologies, and a complex market, it is a dizzying process as well as a tedious job for the growing number of players to get straight to the cryptocurrency trade. Javvy Technologies is one company that is addressing the major challenges that the crypto community is grappling with including security, and the complex regulatory landscape. The company provides a secured platform that seamlessly integrates cryptocurrency exchanges into a single comprehensive wallet—Javvy Wallet—that eliminates the current need for multiple wallets and exchanges. Brandon Elliott, CEO, Javvy Technologies, says, “We started the company because we saw an opportunity to unify and aggregate all exchanges into one global platform for crypto trading. We will continue to address the major challenges in the crypto world.”

Elliott explains the various ways to achieve mainstream adoption in crypto trading: “To achieve real mainstream adoption, the marketplace requires an intuitive solution that combines all the expected features of trading including buying, selling, sending, receiving, and managing in a secure, comprehensive solution." He adds, "The process should be very simple, safe, and secure so that customers can easily and comfortably start using cryptocurrency.” Javvy Wallet provides all these features to businesses to help them take advantage of new blockchain trends.

The Javvy Wallet is easily compatible with most current coin types, and is constantly updated to accommodate new coins. With the combined power of wallet and exchange component, the Javvy protocol is the infrastructure connecting the world of crypto into one, decentralized marketplace. All of these are available at hassle-free ID verification designed to comply with the changing regulations across the world.

Decentralizing and Securing the Crypto Market

Security is of prime concern in crypto trading. Javvy Wallet decentralizes exchanges so that users can have full control over their private keys and data. By doing so, it removes the traditional security risk of web-based exchanges. Elliott says, “We are not web-based and do not hold your private keys. When you’re offline, so is your wallet.” By deploying blockchain, AI, and robust technologies, Javvy Wallet has built a system that is protected from any fraudulent activities and data breach. He explains, “With Javvy’s application as the front-end user interface, trading crypto currencies and tokens with exchanges becomes a back-end process, fully transparent to the end user. A user doesn’t have to deal with these exchanges or deal with them directly.” It follows the tagline, “Keep it secret; keep it safe.”

Towards the Maturation of Cryptocurrency

Started in August 2017, Javvy is paving the way an innovative solution that is intuitive and secure to drive the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Having some of the best talents in crypto and blockchain, the company is enabling the crypto exchange markets to offer Initial Coin offerings (ICOs) in a more secure, non-web-based solution that allows contributors to invest with a single click. As cryptocurrency gains more interest from the general public, Javvy aims to deliver the ideal platform and solutions for crypto exchange. The passion, experience, and a mix of technology and financial expertise drive Javvy to be at the forefront of the blockchain innovation. The company plans to works closely with the crypto community to revolutionize the landscape of cryptocurrency and the global economy. Elliott says, “We are deeply grateful to the crypto community for their feedback and trust and will continue to fulfill the evolving needs of the market.”

In less than a year, Javvy has helped many new players to set up their crypto businesses, Investors have also come forward to buy crypto ICOs of the company. As cryptocurrency continues to gain more traction, Javvy is gearing up to become a key member in the crypto community. “We want to be the primary toolset for crypto power-users as well as the point of entry for newcomers to the market,” says Elliott.

With more research on blockchain, the underpinning technology of cryptocurrency, experts predict that it will become more favourable to do business in cryptocurrency for blockchain companies. Many adapt to change, but few lead the transformation. Javvy is at the leading edge of cryptocurrency innovation.


“Javvy Technologies is addressing the major challenges that the crypto community is grappling with including security, regulatory and the complex landscape”