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ANEXIO: Solving the Complex Computing Needs of the Industry

The advent of digitization and cutting-edge technologies has fostered a new culture in the media and entertainment industry: User-Specific Customer Engagement. Today’s media consumers are no longer interested in generalized data feeds; they demand personalized content generation based on their customized profile. This means that today’s savvy media organizations are abandoning their traditional IT infrastructure models and adopting new hybrid cloud technologies to keep pace with ever evolving consumer behaviors and expectations.

The problem, however, is that many organizations lack access to cutting-edge technologies which can quickly, reliably and securely scale their digital infrastructure in this highly competitive industry. Media organizations that choose to forgo high-performance technology solutions are at risk of being left behind, as they will inevitably fail to deliver efficiently on the power and promise of digital media for their end users. Fortunately, ANEXIO stands ready with a proven approach to help companies solve their complex technology infrastructure challenges.

As a media and entertainment Managed IT provider, ANEXIO builds high-performance technology infrastructure to serve the complex computing needs of the world’s most innovative companies. Listed on the Inc. 500 as one of America’s fastest-growing, privately held companies, ANEXIO provides mission-critical infrastructure across eight data centers, and IT solutions center, and a nationwide IP Network. The company’s revenues have grown over 1,400 percent since 2013, and continue to accelerate as ANEXIO builds new infrastructure for emerging technologies.

Leader by All Means

Tony Pompliano, President and CEO of ANEXIO, has driven ANEXIO to become the hard charging, customer-first, Managed IT company that it is today. “I’ve always believed in myself, and I don’t mind doing the hard work it takes to be successful in the early stages of every company,” states Tony. From reinforcing culture to hiring the right people at the right time and from measuring everything to celebrating the wins and learning from the losses, Tony has turned ANEXIO into a market leader that consistently hits its targets.

Tony got the idea of ANEXIO by studying how to serve the thousands of enterprise customers better. About four years ago, “I saw the technology transformation that was occurring as companies were moving from premise-based solutions to one where the technology was going to be deployed either in a data center or via a cloud solution,” explains Tony. He capitalized on this opportunity and acquired several regionally-focused managed IT firms and consolidated them to create some scale, both in terms of the size of the company, and in the size of the service portfolio.

Before taking up his entrepreneurial career, Tony worked in the telecommunication industry where he got a wide range of opportunities to hone his business and leadership skills. He began his career in the telecommunications industry in the early 1980s with a company named MCI during the initial stages of long-distance telecom competition. “At MCI, I learned a lot about business management and technology management, but most importantly I learned a lot about how to compete and how to win. The bottom line is that I learned that you win when you serve your customers better than the competition and that you must be scrappy when it comes to growing market share,” says Tony.

After MCI, he joined ATT and ran their managed services division which at the time was a $400M business unit. The ATT position opened his eyes to the growing opportunities that the Managed IT business represented. Both experiences helped him become the high-growth business leader that he is today.

Helping Customers Meet their Specific Needs

Since the turn of the century, the Media and Entertainment industry has been driven by efficiency, agility, and innovation. With a mission centered on providing mission critical infrastructure, the team at ANEXIO provides best-in-class services to meet the unique needs of their customers. Whether it is improving production workflows from remote locations to downtown Los Angeles or boosting distribution capabilities around the world, ANEXIO helps customers transition from their legacy environment to a much more efficient hybrid cloud infrastructure.

ANEXIO has become the choice of enterprise customers when it comes to IT, networking, and data center services.  “Everyone at ANEXIO is inspired to serve our customers. Customer satisfaction fuels everything we do. The ANEXIO business model is based on winning a customer for life by helping them transition from their legacy IT environment to a much more efficient hybrid Cloud infrastructure.”

What really differentiates ANEXIO from its competitors is its commitment to customers and constant focus on solving their problems. Moreover, its services are customized every day to meet specific information storage and data exchange requirements for the media and entertainment business and ensure that their data stays secure. “At ANEXIO, we go the extra step to leverage our assets and differentiate our offerings in a way that creates value beyond what may be generally available in the market place,” says Tony.

ANEXIO intends to have more acquisitions and create even more momentum within the media and entertainment industry in the months and years ahead. “ANEXIO is just getting warmed up. We’re only in chapter one of our great story. Every day, we show up to work more determined to help customers make a smooth transition from their legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure,” concludes Tony.


ANEXIO builds high-performance technology infrastructure to serve the complex computing needs of the world’s most innovative companies

ANEXIO has become the choice of enterprise customers when it comes to IT, networking, and data center services

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