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Digital Disruptors Drive an “As-a-Service” Capability

   By Bob Cecil, Principal, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG LLP

Today’s enterprises are moving to a higher level of value and performance for delivery of their business services. While they are still looking for traditional shared services and outsourcing objectives of reducing costs and maintaining service quality and control, they now need more comprehensive business value from their business services organizations.

The more advanced enterprises and forward-thinking business services organizations are using Global Business Services (GBS)


Align Outsourced "Non-Core" Services with Your Core Business

   By Tim Montgomery, President and CEO, TIMIT Solutions, LLC

Established in 2011, TIMIT Solutions the US based IT Services Company delivers business solutions including Responsive Web Design and Mobile Apps.

We hear so often that deciding what to outsource is simple. Outsource activities non-core to your business. So how do you do it? Outsourcing must be about leveraging your outsource partner’s core business that is not part of your core business efficiently and effectively.

The same metrics and measures used to track your business goals must be used for your partner. The reason to outsource is still largely to drive efficiencies: higher quality delivery, lower costs, and more responsive service.