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Humaniq to Push its Financial Inclusion Initiative with Deloitte

Humaniq, a blockchain technology startup and global auditing firm Deloitte have joined forces to offer quality financial services to over 2 billion unbanked people across the globe. The announcement comes on the heels of a record breaking crowdsale for Humaniq. The company collected amounts exceeding $ 1,500,000 during the first hour of Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Humaniq CEO and Chief Strategy Officer Dinis Guarda comments, “We are thankful to the world crypto community and all the individuals that choose to engage with our Humaniq ICO. There are very few organisations and technology apps doing this with all the new tech available. We are focused in creating solutions using decentralised ledger solutions, IOT and AI driven solutions but our aim is to use it in a simple way to tackle financial inclusion.

Humaniq has made fast inroads into the world of finance by bringing together benefits of a mobile app to millions of people living in remote areas like Africa, South/Central America, and some parts of Asia. Humaniq’s repeated efforts to use science and technology for the betterment of people have not gone unnoticed. Google recently launched the company’s fintech application for Android phones.

The app breaks free of language constraints and is mostly built around user-interface and symbols for easy recognition. Humaniq has created the app to help illiterate people in the world better access financial services based on their needs and requirements. Humaniq looks to build a case for financial inclusion with its new fintech initiative.

Deloitte is expected to provide expert consulting, tax, and advisory support to the Humaniq project. With the immense global footprint of Deloitte, the fintech startup is now in a position where it can expand its financial inclusion services to a more diverse group of people. Deloitte partners 80 % of the Fortune 500 companies in the world.

With a strong focus on blockchain-based solutions, Humaniq has put together a world-class advisory board consisting of over twenty global thought-leaders. This includes people and alumni from organizations such as The Financial Times, The United Nations, Greenpeace, Right Relevance, University of Toronto, Cambridge University, and Save the Children to name just a few.