The Future of Predictive Technology

GTI Predictive Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the way manufacturing plants and other related businesses operate. With equipment sensors gathering machine data and providing maintenance solutions, production is streamlined and enhanced. In fact, many of the top 2% of manufacturing companies leverage IoT solutions by implementing predictive maintenance systems to ensure peak performance and efficiency.Here are just a few ways in which IoT is changing the game for manufacturers:


Kona I and Linxens Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Konai CEO

KONA I, a global FinTech leader and a state-of-the-art smartcards and payment solutions provider and Linxens, a global leader in the design and manufacture of microconnectors for smartcards and RFID Antennas & Inlays have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Through the agreement the companies aim to conquer new markets in response to the growing smart card and secure identity markets.

KONA I and Linxens have signed a strategic cooperation agreement aiming to conquer new markets in response to the growing smart card and secure identity markets.


Silicon Labs' Magnetic Sensors Modernize Hall-Effect Switch and Position Sensing for the IoT Era

Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) brings Hall-effect sensing into the 21st century with a magnetic sensor portfolio offering industry-leading power efficiency, best-in-class sensitivity, flexible I2C configuration, and built-in tamper detection and temperature sensing. Silicon Labs' new Si72xx portfolio includes the most advanced, feature-rich magnetic sensors available today, outclassing reed switches and traditional Hall-effect devices in a wide range of open/close and position-sensing applications.


PRISMA Telecom Testing Announces its Presence at MWC Americas 2017

PRISMA Telecom Testing, a leading supplier of innovative performance testing solutions for the wireless industry, will unveil the latest developments of its systems at Mobile World Congress Americas 2017, the premier mobile industry event (in partnership with CTIA) for the Americas, which will debut September 12-14, 2017 in San Francisco.


Bsquare To Present At The IoT In Oil & Gas Show, Houston

Bsquare (NASDAQ: BSQR) today announced that Dave McCarthy, senior director of products for Bsquare, will speak at the IoT In Oil & Gas 2017 show in Houston, Texas on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 1:20 pm CDT. McCarthy's presentation, entitled "Industrial IoT: From Concept to Reality," will address common challenges the Oil & Gas industry should anticipate when looking at IoT solutions.


P3 Expands US-Based Management & Technology Consultancy

In a move to strengthen its strategic consulting services to wireless ecosystem players in the U.S., Canada and Latin America, P3, a leading international consulting, management and engineering services company, today announced the appointment of Rikard Lundqvist as vice president of technology and partner.


Cisco Set to Radically Disrupt the IoT Industry

Cisco’s investments in IoT applications has seen a major push after the company’s new acquisition Jasper reportedly made profits in the current financial year. Jasper, a company dominant in the IoT market was taken over by Cisco in the year 2016. The $1.4 billion purchase of Internet of Things (IoT) startup Jasper was a bid to strengthen Cisco’s IoT network across the emerging markets.


IoT Spurring Growth of Smart Devices

Legacy IT companies have been traditionally slow to identify the growth potential in emerging technologies. As modernization engulfs the whole of IT industry, businesses need to show much lesser resistant to change. There has been a powerful shift towards the business adoption of IoT. The IoT market of US is currently being valued at $9 billion. With the rise of SMBs businesses, it will be interesting to see how big manufacturers of IoT technologies look to accommodate their new customer base.

Techaisle's recent report suggested that adoption of IoT has become more prevalent in SMBs than larger business. With SMBs taking up IoT devices thrice as faster, the mid-maket sector has truly become the melting point for IoT solutions providers.