Integration Wizards: Delivering Scalable, Secure, and Seamless Mobile Applications

Running a startup involves overcoming a series of challenges on a daily basis—technical, operational, and financial. While becoming a mature firm is the goal of every startup, the ability to keep reinventing and keep learning new technologies is important to establish their growth and brand identity in the market. One such company that has created its own unique space in the mobility domain is Integration Wizards. The company’s experience in deploying enterprise mobility applications makes it a valuable software and IT partner for clients. As a mobility service provider, Integration Wizards offers a suite of mobile applications that allows customers to use a prebuilt application with necessary customizations.

Integration Wizards’ mobile applications solutions that are built on Silverline, which is a complete enterprise mobility platform, enable clients to have a seamless integration with back office systems. Being a customer-centric solution provider, Integration Wizards’ main focus is to resolve customers’ mobility challenges. “We were able to successfully predict and hence avoid the major pitfalls of existing enterprise mobility solutions. The customer centric solution and product ensures that we have a very strong relationship with our customers, says Kunal Kislay, CEO, Integration Wizards.

In Kunal Kislay’s opinion, one of the major challenges faced by Startups is hiring new talent. But Integration Wizards has a different approach when it comes to hiring new talent. “Our stringent hiring process tests people on technical parameters as well as aptitude. We look for achievers with a thirst to learn new things and a disruptive thought process. What really matters for us is the zeal to learn” explains Kislay. Also, Kunal devotes his time to help new employees understand company’s values and beliefs. As the company supports a non-hierarchical system and an open culture where everyone contributes to new projects and ideas, Integration Wizards has 0 percent attrition since its inception in 2014. During the same period the team size has grown 6 times.

Today, enterprise mobility systems are designed with a whole range of complex products and solutions, and it can be difficult especially for a new enterprise to make sense of all of it. A huge volume of existing softwares and processes have created roadblocks to the development of an enterprise mobility matrix. This has further complicated the domain, and customers have been facing challenges to use the applications optimally. Understanding this situation of uncertainty, the co-founders of Integration Wizards stepped in to simplify enterprise mobility by integrating different solutions together. “Our Microsoft Azure based enterprise mobility platform—Silverline enables us to create mobility solutions that are secure, seamless, and scalable,” adds Kislay. Unlike the other startups that predominantly focus on sales and marketing of their products and solutions for acquiring new clients, Integration Wizards gives prime importance to solving customer-related problems more than the sales, and believes that the word of mouth will eventually bring new clients to the company.

The company started off the journey with a small core team of experts working on silverline. “During the initial few months, we sustained ourselves by providing enterprise mobility consultancy,” says Saquib Khan, CTO, Integration Wizards. Today, the company has built a strong client portfolio, which includes industry’s top names such as Novo Nordisk, Assurant, XEROX, ECI, and PEGA amongst others. With a suite of apps consisting of prebuilt and customizable mobile apps, the company enables faster deployment and less cost overhead.

Building an enterprise mobile app on Silverline typically involves building the right UI with the client-side functionalities and a seamless integration with back-office systems. The management team at Integration Wizards helps customers plan and choose from various design templates for their mobile applications. Subsequently, the UI/UX experts further work with clients to tailor it to their specific needs. “Silverline empowers the developer with the freedom to choose the technology that best suits the client requirements. It supports most of the available app building technologies. We have made critical features - security, reliability, seamlessness of integration - intrinsic to Silverline and not dependent on developers” explains Saquib. Besides, the unique MDM/MAM capabilities of Integration Wizards platform allow the customers to remote, install, and manage apps on the user’s devices.

While Integration Wizards’ core competency lies in its ability to allow seamless integration of enterprises, web and mobile applications, IOT Devices and Chatbots, the management team’s extensive experience in the enterprise mobility domain has helped the company to intuitively understand clients’ requirements and give better solutions according to their needs. “The core team has practically seen the enterprise mobility evolve through the times of blackberry and sms based communication,” adds Saquib.

Going further, the company is expanding its presence in the IOT domain by signing up with one of the largest Energy Automation providers in the U.S. “In agreement with our philosophy that Enterprise Mobility, IOT and AI enabled enterprise assistants are fundamentally different use cases for systems integration, we are also working on extending Silverline to include a Personal Assistant —Zeno,” conclude Kunal and Saquib.