Global4PL: Delivering Quintessential Services in the Supply Chain Industry

Today’s new-age entrepreneurs devote a lot of time honing their technical and business skills to improve their expertise in functional roles and brace themselves for new competition. This also helps them to broaden their base of leadership and implement and integrate the strategic direction of their organizations. However, while they are engaged in building on strengths and implementing strategic plans, they often tend to disregard one of the key responsibilities of a CEO: People Management, or alternatively, Leading Teams from the Front.

This is where a resilient leader like Sergio Retamal’s (CEO of Global4PL) story becomes inspirational as well as thought-provoking for entrepreneurs across the world. Unlike other executives that overlook people management skills and focus more on technology and tools, Sergio Retamal sees employees as a pivotal part of the organization. Also, he complements the knowledge imparted during his MBA studies with a MSOD (Master of Science in Organizational Development), which has helped him comprehend more about people management and its effects on an organization’s hierarchy. Guided by core principles and leadership values, Sergio Retamal has also created a culture of respect and accountability within the organization, which facilitates the process to help people achieve their ultimate goals.

Leading Teams from the Front

Under the leadership of Sergio Retamal, Global4PL has embraced innovations in the supply chain industry and has addressed customers’ global requirements in line with the changes taking place with globalization. Being a global service provider of Supply Chain Services, Sergio’s brainchild—Global4PL—helps clients establish their business beyond geographical boundaries and addresses the requisites of global supply chain including visibility, traceability, and data retention through its proprietary online shipment visibility tool—POHorizon. By deploying Global4PL’s POHorizon in organizations, clients can monitor supply chain processes that encompass the movement of goods and services—from storage of raw materials, through the inventory location, and to finished goods from the point of origin to consumption—ensuring that they exceed customer expectations. “A typical client for us is either a customer that requires equipment for data centers in multiple countries or a fast-growing, high-tech company that seeks to set up international operations,” explains Sergio Retamal.

While discussing the evolution of the supply chain industry and its new business models, Sergio says, “The global logistics landscape is undergoing a drastic transformation today, fueled largely by the ‘Amazon effect’, where customers demand services and products to be delivered to them in the shortest possible time”. This consumer-driven demand in the industry has opened up numerous possibilities as well as challenges for the manufactures. However, Global4PL has mastered the art of perfecting global supply chain and logistical demands through its services around Importer / Exporter of Record (IOR/EOR) and supply chains.

With over two decades of experience working with large corporations that have manufacturing units in Asia and global distribution, the company has procured extensive expertise in the supply chain and procurement landscape. When asked what led to the inception of Global4PL and its proprietary POHorizon supply chain software, Sergio says, “I realized the scarcity of solutions to support global IOR as the regulations of imported goods continue to be regulated by most countries. This encouraged me to develop software that could support this operation, which eventually led to the creation of Global4PL and our proprietary POHorizon supply chain software”.

Though Global4PL’s core competency lies in both strategic and technical expertise, its ability to foster a culture of innovation within the organization and provide a best-in-class logistical experience to its global customers, underpinned by supply chain efficiencies, has become its unique differentiating factor. By implementing practical solutions and delivering cost savings and optimization solutions, the company enables its customers to save money and gain a competitive advantage in the ever-changing marketplace. As a customer-centric solution provider, the company endeavors to be a true-enabler of growth and cost-efficiencies and has stayed true to its founding objectives from its inception. With its industry expertise and in-country services, Global4PL has grown in stature rapidly, helping its customers achieve a level of superior cost-effectiveness and overall optimum performance.

Sergio’s Vision for Success

Sergio’s approach to entrepreneurship is quite different when compared to his counterparts. His vision of success is based upon having the capability and ability to help customers navigate the difficulties of doing business globally and helping them to be successful. “If our customers grow and can achieve the best and most efficient global footing, then we have fulfilled our promise to our customers,” affirms Sergio. Today, as he looks back at his entrepreneurial journey, he is content with helping other companies grow and create jobs for employees globally.

He takes pride in capitalizing on opportunities provided by customers, as well as opportunities that Global4PL has opened to its customers and agents.

He also takes pride in capitalizing on opportunities provided by their customers, as well as opportunities that Global4PL has opened to its own customers and agents. “There is no greater satisfaction professionally to be able to see the results of your hard work stand alone and keep growing,” adds Sergio.

For his transformational leadership and hard work, Sergio has been bestowed with Pros to Know Award by the Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine several times. He has also had the opportunity to work with established companies overseas, giving him the exposure to understand many cultures and business realties.

“In the next five years, we plan to take the number of countries we serve from 75 to 120. Our mission has always been to optimize a customer’s supply chain and bring a positive effect on their bottom line,” adds Sergio. With a growing number of clients demanding their IOR services, including large corporations that see the risk of importing into other countries, Global4PL ensures that its services comply with regulations worldwide and provides services that address the needs of a global supply chain. “We also solve issues by being more efficient and proactive, which means that we provide them with surprising growth in an unfriendly business environment,” concludes Sergio.