Texas’ Jacksons Home & Garden is Epicor’s New Retail Partner

Epicor Software Corporation, a global software leader in the retail and manufacturing sector has signed a deal with Jacksons Home & Garden to improve their retail store operations. Epicor will help its new partner to gain insights into business analytics, refining product purchasing, and maximizing inventory management with robust new tools. Jacksons Home & Garden recently announced that it has implemented Epicor Eagle N Series retail business management solution to help accelerate the growth of its retail store business. Coming into the industry as a home décor retailer, Epicor has made an immediate impact with its stylistic garden and home products. Having joined hands with Epicor, the company now has the experience of a proven software vendor behind him and some of industry’s best practices. The online retail company has been regarded as one of the fastest growing shopping destinations around Dallas, Texas.

Forrest Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Jacksons Home & Garden said, “Our previous POS solution was too unreliable, had not provided industry-specific functionality, and its support was lacking. This led us to search for a new software system for our retail business. With our previous retail software, the sales cycle with a customer was very difficult. The process from item lookup, information entry, and customer transaction—really things that should be pretty simple and a part of any POS system—were arduous and difficult. The sales cycle has to be done effectively and efficiently. We see the Epicor solutions helping us improve the sales cycle and a variety of other areas, specifically to increase margins, lower costs, enhance employee productivity and customer service.”

Analytics has a unique importance for retail businesses as it involves collecting and analyzing data from a number of different sources. If a company lacks the software resources needed to interpret data for better reporting of trends and customer choices, then the business is bound to have a difficult time managing operations. The lack of usable data reports for sales tracking and inventory management had made it difficult for the Jacksons Home & Garden management team to understand what was happening in the business. “Analytics are important to any business,” said Craig Kilgore, general manager, Jacksons Home & Garden. This is where role of Epicor comes to play. Epicor can make business analytics easier and more accurate for Jacksons Home & Garden to help the company become a fully-integrated retail management firm.