Enterprise Security

Logicalis US Helps CIOs Survive the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

Most organizations understand the importance of having a strong cybersecurity program in place, but many struggle to locate qualified professionals to manage those programs. Today, there are at least one million cybersecurity job openings, and experts predict the number of open positions will grow to as many as 6 million globally by 2019, with roughly 1.8 million of those going unfilled by 2022 as demand outpaces the supply of well-trained IT security program graduates.1  To help fill the gap caused by this shortage of cybersecurity professionals, Logicalis US, an international IT solutions and managed services provider (www.us.logicalis.com) is taking proactive steps.  First, Logicalis has expanded its Optimal Security suite of managed security offerings. And second, it has grown its cybersecurity curriculum and apprenticeship program to include three UK-based university partners; the program will increase the number of trained security solutions experts in the talent pool while giving Logicalis access to an ongoing supply of IT security program graduates ensuring the health and stability of its Optimal Security program over time.

"An ever-increasing number of regulatory and compliance requirements for cybersecurity coupled with demands from corporate directors, shareholders, and customers is driving significant demand for access to skilled security specialists," says Ron Temske, Vice President, Security Solutions, Logicalis US. "With the extreme shortage of well-trained IT security talent, however, enterprise CIOs are turning to solution providers like Logicalis that have an established integrated suite of managed security services to help them better protect their digital assets."

Optimal Security Managed Services Suite: With the expansion of its Optimal Security suite of managed security services, Logicalis has created a comprehensive set of solutions that can operate individually or integrate with other offerings within the suite as well as with Logicalis' extensive infrastructure management services. With 400 managed security customers already under Logicalis' care, the Optimal Security suite of services is designed to accomplish three important goals: (1) to provide the visibility needed to detect suspicious or malicious activity, (2) to provide remediation and response when a problem does occur, and (3) to harden organizations' defenses, making them less susceptible to attack in the first place.

Based on more than a decade of experience with security solutions, Logicalis' Optimal Security program consists of a suite of services, including Optimal Threat Insight, which provides 24x7 electronic monitoring of a customer's environment uniquely coupled with human analysts who, unlike many competing services, provide expert guidance and recommendations to the client organization. A second key service, Optimal Vulnerability Management, helps organizations identify and close weaknesses and insecure configurations that could be exploited by an outside or inside entity. Other noteworthy offerings within the program provide firewall and network security device management as well as security management for endpoint devices ranging from desktops and laptops to Windows and Linux servers.