Enterprise Security

ARES Security is the New One Stop Shop for Critical Infrastructure Facilities and Assets

ARES Security Corporation (ASC) introduced ASSURE Cyber, a unified cyber-security offering, to their ASSURE family of products early this year. Through a partnership with Masergy Communications Inc., ARES Security is capable of securing both clients' physical assets, as well as their networks. ASSURE Cyber works seamlessly with ASC's entire product suite, and helps prevent cyber-attacks by learning a network's normal behavior and reporting any anomalies. ASC's AVERT Family of products provides customers with the tools to perform state of the art risk and vulnerability assessments on their facilities, and the ASSURE Family provides customers with the tools to protect their facilities in real time.

The AVERT Family of products include:

• AVERT Risk Assessment Software - analyzes security configurations by running vulnerability assessments on 3D models of a facility, so users can regularly assess physical security risks, including natural disasters, and optimize their security's effectiveness against their budget.

• BluTrain - uses the model created for AVERT to train security forces on response procedures and tactics. This enables guards to train and tour their actual facility from their desks, saving users both time and money.

The ASSURE Family of products include:

• ASSURE CommandBridge - integrates a facility's systems, sensors, and partners using a unique context-based approach that cuts through data clutter and provides focused, actionable awareness that can be easily shared.

• ASSURE Cyber - offers a unified solution that combines machine-based learning with 24/7 human monitoring so users can stop reacting, and begin predicting, detecting, and defending against advanced cyber threats.