Enterprise Mobility

PowWow Enhaces its SmartUX Platform for the Mobility Challenge

Enterprise mobility has come a long way to become more and more relevant for modern organizations. The mobile revolution has brought in a sense of maturity to businesses. Mobile platforms have made it easier to integrate new technologies, potentially eliminating cost, and delays by developing IT and user relationship. The expansive use of mobile applications has given rise to the new trend of distributed workplaces. In an enterprise, mobile is now the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to manage any exchange of information between teams.

The way industry experts see it; mobile innovation has become an ultimate goal in the IT services market for improving productivity and revenues and to steer clear of competition. Mobile influence is growing at an exception speed, evident form the way global players are raking in more investments in the sector. The need to humanize mobile interactions may help companies to rethink their people, policy and process issues.

With the enterprise mobility market expected to reach the $73.30 billion mark by 202, companies are gearing up to make the most of their mobile technologies. PowWow Mobile recently introduced its new mobility product into the market called as SmartUX Platform version 5.0. Popular among corporate as one of the leading enterprise mobility companies, PowWow Mobile is looking to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically with SmartUX.

SmartUX 5.0 provides solutions for the rapid design and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. The enhanced platform features include pre-built micro-app and universal app templates to accelerate the creation of mobile app projects and role-based permissions that provide individual users or departments with access to projects, as well as preview and sharing of apps with specific teams. In addition, SmartUX 5.0 will provide users with the new SmartUX™ Dashboard, an end-to-end suite of analytics and performance monitoring for apps built on the SmartUX Platform.

“Improving the way that employees share and collaborate on mobile app development, as well as access to critical analytics on how apps are being used, represent a key and very welcome area of improvement in PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX 5.0 release,” said Adam Holtby, research analyst, enterprise mobility and productivity, Ovum Research. “ Mobility, and particularly mobile apps are a valuable element of digital transformation efforts. For organizations, being able to identify the habits and usage patterns associated with mobile apps will be important in reporting on how mobility initiatives are contributing to broader digital transformation objectives.“