Patient Empowerment will transform the Healthcare Sector

We all know the relative fact that as the economy of a country improves, the health of its citizens improves. But with the advent of digitization it has been proved that the opposite is also true—improving the health of a nation’s citizens will directly result in the economic growth of a nation, promoting wellness and preventing diseases, and enabling the citizens to put combined efforts for the development of their nation.

Today, no one can undervalue digital health’s ability to enable people to lead healthier lives. Increased patient safety, reduced rate of hospital-acquired infection, more efficient nurse workflow patterns and process, greater staff satisfaction and retention, are the benefits that patients and doctors alike continue to receive through digitization.

These key benefits not only improve patient outcomes and increase staff effectiveness and morale, but also help administrators meet their safety goals, reduce costs, and increase market share. Also, the new forecasts from industry experts suggest that digitization can save $ 300 billion spend in the sector, especially in the area of chronic diseases.

 Many hospitals and clinics have taken numerous measures to provide improved patient care in response to the demands and industry’s new trends exposed through close communication with patients. However, the major driver impacting healthcare overall, are healthcare technology service providers.

The optimization of Telemedicine to better manage chronic diseases, easy access to medical records  through smart phones and mobile apps, wearable and IoT devices to perform ECGs and DIGS, and recommended preventative treatments to automatically identify risk factors in patient’s health—all that were once unfeasible became feasible with the service of  healthcare technology  providers. That’s not all.  From a patient checking in at reception to treatment tracking and from online patient-record review to how doctors offer treatments, today healthcare service providers have fully revolutionized the industry improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction and leading the industry entirely to a new era: patient empowerment.