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The Texas Data Centre Market

The overgrowing popularity of Texas as a preferred data centre market is good news for organizations looking to diversify their data centre expertise. Historically, Texas has always attracted a variety of data centre companies owing to its rich entrepreneurial culture, skilled workforce and business-friendly policies. Also home to 54 Fortune 500 companies, the region continues to supply large land sites for data centers. There is much debate on the future of data centers with the rise of cloud technologies. The growth of hyper-scale cloud operations is expected to play a key role in improving data centre projects. Cisco believes that data centre to data centre traffic will account for almost a tenth of data traffic and internal data centre traffic will account for more than three quarters (77 per cent) of all data centre traffic.

Dallas is considered to have the nation’s lowest power costs, and an economic climate that is favorable for business growth. Dallas is one of the fastest growing markets in the country. Data center companies in Dallas have taken up an innovative approach to build data centre facilities in a timely and cost-effective manner. Over the last several years, corporations like Toyota, State Farm, Pizza Hut, and J.P. Morgan Chase established large office locations in surrounding suburbs north of Dallas.

Bob Landstrom, director of product management at Interxion, explains: “Businesses should look at what’s consuming the data, and where that consumption happens. There are two choices; you can either have a data centre in the suburbs and that connects into multiple edge data centres that collect and distribute the data and connect into the core suburban data centre. Or you have your core data centre close to, the population and the data devices.”

“To serve a congested area like London, it’s much better for your core data centre to be in the same location that you have the edge data centre. It makes your network connectivity simpler, and simplifies the data traffic flows for your applications,” he said.

Most businesses have a bias towards building data centers around Texas because of its robust infrastructures, reasonable power cost, and low-risk of natural disasters. Industry bigwigs like Microsoft already have their own data centers in this area. When offering innovative Cloud solutions, businesses first need to access how they can choose the right location for their data centre.