C2XCEL: Creating Value through Partnerships

Jim McNeese | C2XCEL - Creating Value through Partnerships

When working with different vendors, companies lack a clear vision about how to maximize their IT assets. In many instances, they find themselves in a position where it is hard to fit in the right program to serve their business needs. In between a mix of software vendors and technology providers, they end up spending more money for services they don’t actually use. Even with a dedicated, full-time IT department, companies miss out on new opportunities to achieve cost-efficiency and increased productivity. This is where IT consulting companies take the lead by helping partners find a way out of these tricky situations. C2XCEL is one company that has delivered on its promise of empowering customers to build a highly successful technological environment. C2XCEL is an unbiased, professional telecommunications consulting firm providing strategic technology solutions for SMB, mid-sized, and enterprise level companies.

C2XCEL has collaborations with all major software vendors, which helps the company access a wide range of IT services for its partners. C2XCEL has emerged as a top consulting company in the industry in a short span of time. With its abilities to provide future-proof, consistent and faster technology solutions and services, the company has created true productivity and business benefits for small and large-scale business networks.

As business priorities shift at a fast pace so does the need for new and improved technologies. This is where a consulting company has an edge over direct carriers. As customers move beyond their traditional systems, consulting providers are in a better position to adapt with them and to carry out their business needs. Jim McNeese, CEO, C2XCEL says, “As consultants, the hardest part of our job is to educate clients on the numerous benefits of a third-party consultant over direct carriers.” Direct carriers have the advantage to easily bring in new technologies, but do they understand the complicated nature of IT. Customers need to perform cost evaluation, keep up with the latest trends and minimize risks at all stages of implementation. As an IT consulting company, C2XCEL has the responsibility to instruct and support the organization from the very beginning of the project to the end. C2XCEL considers the scope, time and cost of the project to properly support customers’ technology environments, and not just their immediate needs. It eliminates the pressure of quota-based supplier/carrier salespeople, and develops a long-term relationship as their single point of contact throughout the project and implementation.

C2XCEL has proven their ability to stay one step ahead of market time and again. For instance, to help an international law firm make better sense of its technology systems, C2XCEL devised a solution that brought the company closer to recent market innovations. The law firm, experiencing a shortage of manpower was struggling to integrate a new phone system into the existing infrastructure. C2XCEL recognized the need for a standardized phone system and was able to reduce costs, as well as, provide them with an up to date and reliable means for voice communication. The implemented solution greatly increased the bandwidth at all locations, and reduced their annual technology expense by 45%

Analyze, Consult and Transform

C2XCEL employs a proprietary three-step program called ACT (Analyze, Consult, and Transform) to ensure its customers businesses are running smoothly and efficiently. In the analysis phase, the company reviews the customer’s current technology landscape to determine if that landscape satisfies the expressed IT requirements, any gaps left to fill and billing concerns or erroneous charges. Once the analysis phase is complete, the team moves ahead to the consulting phase. In this phase, C2XCEL plans to communicate with the client to get a bigger picture of what technology they need. Working with multiple carriers they understand how each carrier can satisfy the needs of the client, or if it will be necessary to utilize multiple carriers to create a hybrid solution to fulfill the necessary technology requirements. These options are presented to the client, vetted, and a solution selected. “We then transform the technology environment through the installation and activation with the selected carrier(s) says Jim.”

The company has garnered great support from its customers and industry partners by always being at the forefront of technology innovation. Over a 3-year term, the company saved a health care client $1.7 million, and reduced carrier accounts from 77 to 4 for a large retail client. Moving forward, the company is looking to build strategic partnerships with Energy and SaaS, and is wanting to acquire an MSP to further widen its technology expertise. “Relationships are the most important asset for our organization. Relationships help us to maintain a pulse on the industry; where it’s moving and how it will get there. We are always working to create and strengthen relationships with carriers and other industry leaders,” concludes Jim.

Quote: As consultants, the hardest part of our job is to educate clients on the numerous benefits of a third-party consultant over direct carriers