Alok Sinha: Setting the Aspiration for Technology Leadership and Change

Alok Sinha - Setting the Aspiration for Technology Leadership and Change

Startups of today are creating a new wave of technology innovation across industries. It is true that we are seeing an increase in startup activity in the US. From software companies to pure technology startups, entrepreneurs’ are now building their own businesses and pushing up values. The Kaufman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, which presents trends in startup activity for the forty largest metropolitan areas in the United States, reports that 10 out of every 100,000 adults are starting new businesses each month.

A record 100 startups or more were valued at $1 billion by venture capitalists this year alone. The unprecedented rise in the value of startups can be attributed to a IoT of factors. Investors and executives have become more bold, business incubators programs have increased and social media has made it easy for companies to connect with their customers. Whatever the reason, things are now completely different from the early internet days when companies like Google and Amazon struggled to reach the $1 billion mark as a private enterprise. Now, a startup like Snapchat just five years old in the market is nearly worth $16 billion.

This permanent change in the business startup activity motivated many founders to pursue tough entrepreneurial opportunities and deliver global solutions. One among them was Alok Sinha, an industry veteran with over 24 years of experience in managing global IT services and product innovation teams and currently, the CEO and founder of Globus Eight. Founded in 2013, Globus Eight provides advanced technology integration and healthcare IT support services to clients worldwide. The company’s service portfolio also includes risk assessment, IT support and network management solutions and services. With Globus Eight, Alok wanted to optimize the use of innovative IoT applications in the consumer and healthcare industries.

“The role of technology is to make our lives better. That’s an indisputable fact. At Globus Eight, we try to build technologies to bring out a positive change in our customers’ lives. Imagine how technologies have changed us – AI bots are now helping us do things in seconds, what human intelligence was taking months. This is the kind of world we are looking to build with our solutions, explains Alok.

By helping companies leverage IoT, AI and cloud technologies, Globus Eight has established itself as a leading technology startup dedicated to making our world more connected and intelligent. The company is providing its own IoT and AI platform called LifeOn that allows multiple sensors, devices and systems to communicate with each other.

Starting Globus Eight with some of his friends he met at Harvard Business School, Alok had the desire to create a company that would contribute to the betterment of the society we live in. Coming out with high-tech applications has become one of the strongest suits of Globus Eight. At inception, Globus Eight’s idea was to create solutions that suited to the day to day needs of the common people and the company has stayed true to its cause all these years.

Providing Quality Products and Real Value to its Customers

Alok’s clear vision and business knowledge has helped turn Globus Eight into a successful, self-funding startup. Backed by a highly-efficient team that advises and provides expertise in every key aspect of the business, the company has wasted no time in building a strong technology foundation. Globus Eight is a services based company focused entirely on improving customer journeys and experience. Alok enumerates, “In a world full of competition, we have to learn to enjoy the benefits of new technologies and new products. They have to make the transition or fall back into obsolescence .”

The effervescent young team Alok has built seems to make perfect sense for the task in hand. Our average team age is about 24-27 years. “We need to deal with technology that has been built in the last couple of years or is still evolving, how can you expect experience to trump innovation in such new age tech” claims Alok, and this seems to echo general trend in company. “At Globus Eight, age is no bar for any position, I need only to demonstrate inventive solution, diligence in execution of the same, and pretty much any position is open for you”, adds in Karan Kapoor, a young manager in the clan of leaders.

Alok has a created a four-pronged approach to improve service management for Globus Eight customers:

Working with customers, listening and talking to them and helping them out in their problems in every possible way

Bringing commitment to the workplace, ensuring timely product delivery and customer satisfaction

Striving for excellent product quality and designing a user experience that is unique and intuitive

Upholding integrity in business functions, taking responsibilities to work within the compliance standards of the enterprise community

Globus Eight leaders have pushed the boundaries of innovation within the enterprise. With their constant efforts and Alok’s guidance, the company has gained traction in the market as a startup keen to experiment with new product and services.

From day one, Globus Eight has tried to create a culture of innovation in the company by connecting the core values of the team and the organization together. Mitash Gera points out, “All of us as leaders have exactly one single KPI – how to innovate and make processes better every single day.” The company has also set up a automation index and uses chatbots to make sure it processes are aligned to deliver organization’ business goals. “I see my leaders as agents of innovations not as technology workers,” highlights Alok. Working in the next gen world, a leader has to be open to learning new things. Rahul Satija, Head of engineering adds “Like any leader Alok wants his team to be the best in its field, and has created a system where team members are given full freedom to automate, innovate and invent at every step”

Being Persistent and Realistic as an Entrepreneur

Getting rich could be one of the objectives of founding something, but it should not be the ultimate objective of the new group of founders. Understanding the market can be a challenging thing for a new entrepreneur, says Alok. He can be good at finding the right technology fit, but it takes time to evolve your products and services according to the demands of the market. Everyday, we see hundreds of tech startups founding companies, with an intent and sole objective to sell enterprise to big conglomerates rather than going out on their own. “An entrepreneur can get rich this way but what about your customers” asks Alok.

Building a startup is not a one-man show. You chance of success increases a lot if you pour in all your resources and help your team succeed,” explains Alok. Alok talks about the importance of building sustainable systems in an enterprise. In a startup one should not be over-reliant on a particular set of leaders, everyone has a role to play and only with effective systems and processes that a startup can find everlasting success. “In a startup, your approach needs to be more strategic. You cannot simply jump in between product development and tell your team to create something different and unique. That way, you will struggle to grow as a company, you need processes and compliance as inherent part of the system” says Upendra Kumar, Head of Governance and compliance at Globus Eight.

On personal style

“Passion - I cannot overemphasize – it feels like I am high on life. I am excited at the plethora of things we can deliver, the excitement of solving another customer problem - is what keeps me on high adrenaline. ” shares Alok. Alok is also proud of the many people he has worked with and seeing them grow and become better at what they do gives him immense satisfaction.

In the future, Alok aims to put Globus Eight on the global map by expanding into new territories. The company has already gained a strong foothold in three regions– India, US and Middle East.” “Work hard and party harder has been the main motto of my entrepreneurial life and I would advise other to do the same. I want my team leaders to take charge and be entrepreneurs in their own right. The company wants to do so much more and bring newer technologies into the marketplace, and I will be the happiest person to lead them into a new future.