Aizoon: Solving Customer's Cyber Security Challenges

Rob Dolci | Aizoon - Solving Customers’ Cyber Security Challenges

“Worldwide spending on cyber security is expected to reach $ 90 billion in 2017, an increase of 7.6 over 2016, and to top $113 billion by 2020”, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, Inc.

The increase in cyber attacks over the last ten years has had a direct impact on the bottom-line of every business. From the healthcare industry to the manufacturing industry and from the investment industry to the automotive industry, many organizations have become victims of cyber attacks given the new developments in hacking methods and sophistication. Last year, it also came to light that even the multi-billion organizations could not ensure the security of their data, as the new-age hackers have implemented new methodologies to identify loopholes and even break into well-fortified systems. So the question here is not how to manage these cyber breaches but how to have a proactive approach to cyber security.

Aizoon, a global technology consulting company with over 500 employees in sister companies located in Italy, U.K., Australia and U.S.A, employs artificial intelligence technology to spot the most advanced threats in organizations’ systems.“The digital economy requires new visions, technologies, and organizational models. We have taken the eco-system approach: innovation happens through a co-creation process involving universities and research centers, individuals, public and private businesses,” says Rob Dolci, President Aizoon US.

The company starts with a threat assessment and risk analysis (TARA) to pinpoint the most vulnerable part of the system and then executes pen tests and data communication protection via behavioral modeling. And when working on IoT and connected products (vehicles, machinery, and others) the company starts testing from the designing stage and follows the SAE J3061 guidelines throughout the process. Also, the company supports customers with risk assessment, incident handling and design for system security,and cyber security education and training.

Though Aizoon’s value proposition lies in its eco-system approach towards innovation, ARAMIS—a security network monitoring platform designed and developed by Aizoon to identify threats inside a network has become its flagship platform for cyber security. “Our solution ARAMIS is an advanced malware identification system which is designed to identity threats inside a network by highlighting the deviations from its normal behavior,” explains Wayne Fraser, Aizoon Cybersecurity Consultant.“By using an autonomous machine and deterministic rules and fostering human analysis with pre-attentive dashboards, ARAMIS helps organizations to identify unknown threats inside their parameters and enables to access specific information when needed. Also, it collects data passively without altering the current network layout,” adds Rob.

With a team of engineers, software developers, and mathematicians working on a follow-the-sun schedule, the company is able to support and cater services to clients in the U.S., Australia, and Europe on a daily basis. “We also have a R&D team that develops malware in contained test environment so that we can be on the cutting edge of cyber security threats,” adds Rob. While Aizoon’s mission is to support customers in their journey through the digital era, bringing strong know-how in technology and innovation, its vision is about using the scientific method and focusing on data-driven decisions to enable a more responsible and sustainable society.

With technology units such as IT systems, Cyber Security, Data Driven Innovation, and Intelligent Things and systems, Aizoon also serves organizations working in industries including Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Finance, Consumer Goods and Services, Transportation, Government, Health and Life Sciences, and Industrial Goods and Communication. Bolstered by a team of skilled business and technology specialists with specific business process and technologies, the company is determined to adding value to clients through its consultants’ competence. Also, the company takes prides in its ability to leave a tangible mark of daily actions. “In Aizoon, we are committed everyday to finding solutions that make a difference to our clients and for the world we live in,” affirms Rob.

From applied research programs to the brainstorming section with the technology specialists and from the development of new platforms and products to testing of the connected products, Aizoon in every step of the way keeps its customers in mind and works towards solving their security challenges and protecting their valauable data. Lauded with Cool Vendor Award by Gartner for its Operational Technology (Industrial IoT),Rob says, “We are growing organically. Infact, on manufacturing automation, warehouse automation and connected machines we have helped our customers. We count on doing more of the same”.