A3 Cube: Solving IT Industry’s New Challenges

Antonella Rubicco | A3 Cube Solving IT Industry’s New Challenges

“Many new start-ups are striving hard to setup Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data equipments with little or no idea of how complex is to build optimized systems for customers from various ends,” begins Antonella Rubicco, CEO and Co-founder, A3 Cube. The products these companies have built are highly complex to manage and require different components from different vendors (e.g. storage, servers, software, and schedulers) to be integrated and configured in order to work properly together. With a team of technology and industry veterans, A3 Cube addresses these complexities that are faced by consumers using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and creates integrated holistic solutions that are simple to manage and radically fast.

In the initial stages of the journey, A3 Cube’s mission revolved around addressing the issues faced by scientists in the industry. Since scientists use computing as a tool to develop new products and solutions, they wanted to manage these tools in a direct and simple way without any complications. To this end, A3 Cube has built the best computing tools that are simple to use, powerful, efficient, and cost effective to store, manage, exchange and analyze huge amount of data and perform very large computations. “We start with the simple idea that scientists are not IT system engineers, for them computing is a tool that they must be able to manage in a direct and easy way to be confident and profitable in what they do,” adds Antonella.

Thereafter, the company is fully focused on developing products for high performance data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A3 Cube’s products are designed considering the fact that high performance data analysis and data driven computation will be pivotal to improving an organization’s productivity in the coming years. The company has also broken the conventional and old-paradigms used for developing cutting-edge technologies, and has designed from the ground up the distributed data access, introducing a revolutionary, low latency, and easy to implement parallel file system. That guarantees best data access performance in distributed system eliminating all the weakness of the other distributed file systems.

“Secondly we introduce a unique and revolutionary way to manage GPU-accelerated applications integrating the capability to use GPUs or accelerators among different nodes as they were local. This removes the limitation of scalability inside single node by creating the possibility to have hundreds of GPUs that appear local to a single application without modifying the application itself,” explains Emilio Billi, Co- founder and CTO, A3 Cube. In addition, the company also enables clients to share all the cores of a physical GPU among all tasks (local or remote) requiring GPU acceleration. This helps its clients optimize GPU resources and reduces the time and capital spent on CAPEX, OPEX.

With inventors, scientists, and technology veterans that have over 20 years of experience in supercomputing, telecom, and manufacturing industry, A3 Cube has built a technically diverse team that is at the centre of all production process. “Everyone in our team knows that his or her own work represents an indispensable contribution to the common progress and success: "overall quality" is the result of each person's own internal quality,” affirms Antonella.

The company’s product portfolio includes two main families of appliances powered by Fortissimo Foundation OS and the A3Cube architectural vision: The “Personal Supercomputing” products series called F-730 and the “Exa-Supercomputing” product series (KIRA, GRIFO, and the coming ELISA). Both of the product families are plug and play turnkey solutions. Fortissimo Foundation OS™ is fully compliant with Red Hat Enterprise and CentOS. It represents the first market-ready Linux-based operating system for high performance data analytics and AI clusters specifically engineered to transform a simple cluster of servers into a powerful scalable data processor.

While the company’s core strength is its employees that have plenty of experience working in various industries, Emilio Billi—Co-founder and CTO, is the brain behind the company. With his expertise in supercomputing design and multi field experience, the company is able to predict the market changes and design advanced products in the market. In the innovation lab, the company is developing new disruptive technologies that cover all the needs of the complex data driven market. “We are devoted to grow the company in the best way, with solid foundation for future successes. In the next months we will open new subsidiaries and will grow the presence on the market thanks to new strategic partnerships and the grooving network of representatives that we are building all around the world,” concludes Antonella.