OrgAnalytix: Unlocking the True Value of Relationships

Leaders across industries and functions all work with one key goal: Build strong teams, with high employee engagement, trust and collaboration to bring new ideas to fruition. Employee relationships, friendships, and common interests are often the best catalyst for building these strong teams, however, until now, there were no tools to helps leaders in this process. OrgAnalytix is a new software platform that has been helping companies better understand and enhance their employee relationships. OrgAnalytix known in the industry for its pioneering data-driven analytical platform aims to provide foresight into building strong employee-organization relationship, effective HR strategies and a close team culture.

OrgAnalytix ensures employees are motivated, driven and work closely with each other to build a healthy and robust ecosystem by reaching out them to identify their relationships with each other, and the roles their colleagues play within the team dynamics. “We address how teams naturally evolve, with both employees taking on roles separate from their job descriptions and leaders seeking to maximize productivity and innovation. This evolution within the context of a nurturing, satisfying work environment creates a great opportunity for OrgAnalytix” says Shwetha T. Pai, CEO and Co-Founder, OrgAnalytix. Before creating the idea for the innovative data-driven analytical platform, Shwetha along with the management team spent time doing market research through business executives, leading business school professors, and top tier consulting firms to understand the science of informal relationship analysis and behavioral economics, particularly how the relationships between teams evolves within an organization, and how it drives decision making within a team, and relates to their joint objectives and goals.

Sharing Insights, Building Common Goals

While the platform is unique for its leading-edge algorithms and machine-learning models, its primary focus is how connections are developed between employees, and how leaders can nurture them to create strong, efficient and innovative teams. “Relationships that employees form are the backbone of any team, and at OrgAnalytix, we have realized that our true purpose and value to the leaders is the understanding and bringing transparency into these relationships” adds Shwetha. Attributing the success of the organization to its data-driven analytics platform that captures key, valuable information from huge amounts of data, Shwetha also reminds entrepreneurs the importance of understanding and maintaining the relationship employees have within themselves, which is the key to the stability of an organization.

With its dynamic, actionable analysis that provides visibility into the inner working of a team, the company’s tech platform enables managers to address conflicts within a team efficiently and prevent culture erosion in teams that are working well together. “Providing these insights enables leaders to bring out the best in their teams and plan resources in a way that is predictive of the future and creates sustainable success” affirms Shwetha T. Pai. As a startup, OrgAnalytix’s mission is to provide high-value tools to shape organizational values and help teams become more successful, while becoming stronger and resilient to adverse market conditions.

New ‘Employee Relationships’ Missions

Managers have the ability, through their leadership skills and intuition, to unlock some of the productivity and efficiency of their team mates. However, creating a positive, trusting, and supportive work environment remains one of the best ways to achieve greatest organizational success. Experienced in working in a wide variety of organizational settings, the team at OrgAnalytix understands both its employees and managers, and has designed the platform to address complex employee engagement challenges in an organization. “By helping leaders understand the relationships that employees form with each other, see where the strongest bonds exist and where weak bonds leave the team open to threats, we can help leaders create stronger, cohesive, integrated organizations that can face market adversity while creating innovation new solutions to take advantage of market gaps,” explains Shwetha.

As organizations are overwhelmed by the amount of data that is already present in their systems, it has become clear that the conventional tools to measure employee and team performance are less useful now. More data is not the answer. Instead, creating new approaches to assess employee behavior, without creating and shifting through a mountain of data, is the need of the hour. This is where OrgAnalytix as a relationship-centric organization comes into the picture. With its software platform, the company brings more knowledge and efficiency into the overall team dynamics, without a large data mining or data gathering effort. OrgAnalytix allows leaders to create an integrated and cohesive organizational strategy using the strongest binder to tie all data together – employee relationships.

In the coming years, “we envision many companies using our employee relationship analysis to bring together individual performance, skills, and experience with company-wide anonymous assessments obtain an actionable framework for success. By understanding how teams are “wired”, leaders can create a successful and fun place to work” concludes Shwetha.