The New Wave of IT Innovation

By Chetan Dube,CEO, IPsoft Incorporated.

IT has played the role of a trendsetter in many industries, enabling organizations’ to transform their technology systems into a much more efficient and robust unit. Understanding the future growth channels of IT, software vendors are vouching for agile, innovative and easy-to-use solutions in the marketplace. Companies are trying to solve problems considered near impposible in the past. Driven by digital disruption and data-driven tools, IT is beng reinvented almost everyday by a whole new breed of software companies.

The need for smarter IT management is greater than ever. Computer technology has gotten increasingly complicated over the last 20 years. Now, the emerging Internet of Things is fundamentally changing how our world works again. The digital and physical worlds are merging, with intricate networks of sensors coursing with data. With so much data and so many connected devices, we are rapidly approaching the limits of what humans can process.

Thanks to a new wave of automation and Artificial Intelligence technology, that better future is within our grasp. We see the next generation of IT management revolutionizing the technology market in the same way Uber has disrupted the cab industry. We call it the “Uberization of IT” and the transformation is already underway.

Uber remade the cab business by combining several existing technologies — GPS, rating systems and instant payment — into one innovative service that automated the matching of supply and demand for transportation, magically delivering a car to your curb with the press of a button.


In this new world, IT managers will be more like conductors, training virtual engineers and orchestrating efforts between humans and machines so they work together seamlessly. As a result, many tech workers will no longer have to devote time to managing rote or routine tasks. These brilliant minds will be unshackled from the ordinary to fix more complex problems and develop creative solutions that truly enhance the performance of a business.

Layering cognitive technology on top of the autonomic backbone, will help the workers so they will no longer have to be pulled down into the muck of technology to solve many problems. teaching cognitive agents a variety of business processes so they can communicate with the business user in real human language as if they were speaking to a person. The technologylike humans can learn and become more intelligent by observing speech patterns and seeing how the best human engineers solve problems.

The new workplace where human and digital employees work together in harmony recognizes the complexity of our connected world and the finite resources available to manage it. Tech workers will be newly empowered to conduct a more perfect machine that frees them to dream up the next big thing.

Employees will no longer be left hanging, dependent on others to solve a problem that could be fixed in a matter of minutes. This new technology and workplace will be the true realization of the Uberization of IT.

Quote: "With so much data and so many connected devices, we are rapidly approaching the limits of what humans can process"