Trility Consulting: A Story of a Team

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When you build an exceptional team that is committed to adding value to clients consistently, a loyal customer-base even amidst a group of competitors is inevitable. Today many companies consider employees the most valuable assets of their organizations, but still, they fail to achieve their goals even with great teams. This occurs as executive leaders disregard the significance of fostering a work environment that inspires and drives teams to work with purpose and commitment every day. Organizational leaders that lead by example, lead from the front and actively promote a culture of calculated risk-taking and innovation reveal to team members exactly how valued they are to the company, customer and objectives. This leadership style sheds light on the definition and value of each team members’ job, role, purpose and activity while encouraging confidence, dedication and loyalty. Teams are built one great person at a time.

Trility Consulting, a smart city solution provider, is one such company that has a top-notch team who ardently works together to solve clients’ business problems using context-driven disruptive technologies and best-in-class solutions. “Trility Consulting’s growth is ahead of plan. The reason for our growth is two-fold: we have great clients and we have outstanding team members. Our clients have very cool goals and problems to solve that make it exciting to come to work every day and provide value for their businesses and lives,” states Matthew D Edwards, CEO, Trility Consulting.

As a smart city solution provider, the company delivers products and services that provide immediate, tangible and continuous value to its customers. By using, practicing, building, evolving and leading with the best-of-breed engineering behaviors and tools in the industry, the company has created a niche for itself and has gone on to become a leader in the industry. Unlike other companies that tend to focus singularly on technology solutions as the point and purpose of the engagement, Trility Consulting delivers secure, enterprise-class cloud ecosystems designed for compliance, security, privacy, performance and predictive managed cost from the beginning. While many companies spend twenty-four to one-hundred plus man-months figuring out their cloud-architectures, tools, tool chains, services, security, and performance architecture and so on, Trility Consulting is able to build such ecosystems in hours and days. “When clients discuss IoT/Connected Things/Smart City projects with us, they want to get straight to the implementation of their vision while they’re still drawing on a napkin over dinner. Simply stated, we’re able to help them drastically minimize their time to market/time to value more quickly than most because we’ve already taken the exploration and guess-work out of choosing secure, scalable, cloud architecture solutions,” explains Edwards. “We’re able to get straight to the entrée rather than spending all of our customer’s time discussing appetizers.”

While the company’s core competency lies in its down-to-earth, experienced and tested solutions (they eat their own dog food on a regular basis), Trility Consulting prides itself on its experienced team members who have diverse multi-industry technology backgrounds including finance, insurance, cable, agriculture, cellular telecom, satellite, media, e-learning, manufacturing, security, transportation and real estate. The team at Trility Consulting purposely and regularly takes the necessary time to understand new technologies and the opportunities they bring, as well as, the risk exposures, liabilities and responsibilities that come with them. It is simply part of their culture to constantly explore experiment, prove and disprove. “Because of our diversity, we see clients and their goals from a very fun multi-spectral perspective enabling us to offer multiple solution opportunities,” adds Edwards.

Providing Value to all Kinds of Consumers

Being a customer-centric service provider, the company likes to work directly with the end-users of their products and services from beginning to market implementation. “We work diligently to delight our customers by delivering at the level of responsiveness, quality and security required for them to see results now, make decisions now and realize value now. We love what we do. We believe it shows when you work with Trility team members,” explains Edwards.

Trility Consulting builds top to bottom applications, services and platforms in the cloud/IoT/Connected Things space. The company also works closely with its sister company, IronBench, on a cloud-based, security-focused product named, Cloud Config, which enables its clients to launch predictable, repeatable, secure, enterprise-scale cloud architectures on-demand. In fact, the Trility teams use this product in their daily lives, as well as, help sell and implement it for its clients. “When customers approach Trility Consulting and ask them to build software, they often assume the secured infrastructure and all build, bundle, test and delivery abilities will just be there,” says Edwards. By moving to a test-driven, software-defined infrastructure model, as well as, a completely automated continuous delivery pipeline with the associative application stacks built on top, the company is able to get its clients straight to their IoT/Connected Things activities and goals instead of making them wait for the historically inevitable “we need to plan the infrastructure and network architectures first” conversations.

From inception, Trility has been focused on delighting clients with its diversely experienced team by spending more time listening than talking, taking complex things and making them conversationally simple and by delivering solution releases every two weeks that bring tangible, tested, demonstrable value now. In the coming years, the company is looking forward to inevitably increasing intelligence in cloud and device ecosystems, homes, cars, businesses, city infrastructure and operations. “Where we’re headed is exciting. As our customers and their industries gain more experience in IoT/Connected Things ecosystems, we expect their understanding, needs and requests to become increasingly complex. And because of the growing number of cloud services today coupled with today’s ever-maturing software engineering behaviors and tools, we expect their desired time to market/time to value will become shorter and shorter. Our job is to make it simple for our customers to get to market, test ideas, and easily change when needed and to enable them to add value to their own customer base. We love our job and we love our customers and their goals,” concludes Edwards.

Quotes: Trility Consulting looks to deliver secure, enterprise-class cloud ecosystems designed for compliance, security, privacy, performance and predictive managed cost