The PLM Market Performance Report

Product innovation has become a vital concept for companies looking to explore new technology horizons. We witness daily how organizations use it to drive new methods of engagement and digital operations and execution. In this climate, the only way businesses can make an impact is with new products and solutions that can reduce development and production time. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) helps companies to remove the barriers to product innovation and product enhancement.


Optimization Drives Design with ACP OpDesign

As Steve Jobs once said, ”Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” A very true statement in this ever-changing world, and yet technology continues to be the driver behind that innovation.

This is certainly accurate in describing the product design and development space today. As high performance cluster computers (speed/memory), CAD model parameterization and multi-disciplinary optimization tools, as well as new analysis software tools have emerged; new methods of product development have been created.

Because the design of complex mechanical structures is driven by many competing criteria such as cost and weight reduction, contrasted by enhanced multi-disciplinary performance and manufacturability constraints, new technology is required to solve these challenges head on.