Open Systems Technologies: Open Source Simplified

Open source solutions in recent years have gained a lot of mainstream attention which is largely attributed to the flexibility and versatility offered by the solution. It was this prospect of open competition that this solution presented that prompted the inception of Open System Technologies (OST). Started in 1996, this Virginia based organization has made open source technology its forte and has been successful in establishing itself as a brand that is synonymous with open source. Over the years OST has served as a troubleshooter for solving technical and business problems which are commonly associated with program development. Their ability to help clients overcome such challenges and ultimately come on top despite time and budget constraints have earned them the moniker, ‘the cardiac kids.’

Making the Best out of Open Source

The many opportunities that are presented by open source allow organizations to collaborate and diversify their technological pursuits to arrive upon a more unique result than initially expected by any individual company. This is one of the many perks offered by the open source market place. As part of their corporate mission, OST are dedicated towards aiding clients by harnessing the benefits that the open source market place presents by partnering with other IT organizations, thereby enabling them to provide the best technology solution at the lowest, reasonable cost. OST’s most recent collaboration with Red Hat Inc. to support their entire software stack from the Operating System, Middleware stack, and the Cloud based software stack is a fine example of the organization’s commitment to rigorous training standards to make sure our employees are well versed in supporting the latest and greatest products in virtualization, middleware integration, and cloud deployments.

“We are committed to be a full stack integration company. We have been supporting Large IT Enterprises for over 20 years; with the largest being a 3.5M user based enterprise system dispersed throughout the world,” explains Thomas Truitt, President/CEO, OST. The OST team’s comprehension and compatibility with the open source enables them to engineer large scale solutions that include application integration, network optimization, application performance management and custom software solutions based primarily on .NET and Java technology platforms. OST’s ability to support a wide range of technology integrations distinguish it as one-stop IT solutions provider.

By staying true to their affinity towards the use of Open Source solutions, OST have been able to offer services a diverse clientele which also includes many government organizations such as Government Services Administration (GSA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Army, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), New York City HRA/MIS, Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). OST’s competence in delivering solutions ahead of time and within budget has been a major factor in the company’s success amongst its loyal clientele. Another major attribute that has made the company a top draw amongst clients is its ability to acquire talent and having them buy into their mission and thereby the clients’ mission. This as Truitt puts it is the secret recipe for OST’s success. “Having committed, well trained employees makes our delivery model less risky and promotes the optimal success for our clients,” adds Truitt. Finally OST’s Agile business model which keeps the client informed at all points along the solution delivery timeline, enables them to make corrections in near real time and ultimately ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

The Road Ahead

As new advancements surface in the technology front, the market constantly demands renovation and the application of newer technology to support itself. Open Source to this end has served well as a means for innovation. Rightfully so, OST constantly strives to craft better IT solutions which are capable of holding their own in the vast and ever growing IT enterprise marketplace. “We are able to build more reliable, better performing systems by employing experienced, certified IT professionals; and providing the work environment for continuous training as new software products are rolled out,” elaborates Truitt. With several accolades already under its belt OST intends to stretch its expertise in the field of Cyber security over the next five years. This bodes well with the current priorities dictated by the IT marketplace in the U.S. as well as on a global scale. OST in the years to come also looks to fortify its position as a prime contractor by building upon its prior market performance.