Microsoft Looks to Dominate the Mobile World

Unlike other competitors, Microsoft is fuelling the demands of quality enterprise mobility solutions with its own brand of IT and technical expertise. The tech giant has taken up an innovative approach to make mobile services more secure and inexpensive. There are over 41,000 customers using MIcrosft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) services. The figures indicate how EMS is making an impact across the industry. In a CCS survey, Corporate Vice President of Microsft, Brad Anderson said, “There are more than 85 million monthly active users of Office 365. Just shy of 84 million of them use the Microsoft solution to manage and synchronize all of their identities into the cloud,"

CCS analyst Nick McQuire further highlighted the growing influence of Microsoft in the mobility market and explained why the company needs to explore all areas of mobile communication. "Perhaps the biggest impact is the pause that it has generated with existing AirWatch, BlackBerry and MobileIron customers," McQuire said. "The enterprise mobility management [EMM] market is slowing down and penetration rates of EMM into their customer bases are low, and this is a challenge they need to address. Microsoft has contributed to this slowdown in the past 12 months, without question."

New entrants should not fear the potential risks that can come their way when they look to adopt new enterprise mobile applications. "At the moment, there is a real mix," he said. "Some customers are making the switch to Microsoft. Others may not have made the switch but are absolutely kicking the tires on the product and waiting to see if Intune and EMS becomes the real deal, given that it arrived late to the market and is playing catch-up." "This is evidenced in the renewal rates across all the longstanding EMM players which are high [averaging between 80 and 90 percent], indicating that when EMM is deployed, it sticks and it becomes very hard to ask customers to rip and replace," he said.

Microsoft aggressive marketing of Microsoft Graph and Intune APIs for Office 365 also sends a message to mobile companies worldwide. EMS is touted as Microsoft’s major plan to help companies introduce new models for partnership and collaboration.

"At the moment, we don't see many customers with a production environment under the co-existence model, but we do see this growing rapidly this year," McQuire noted. "Microsoft's strategy here is not to concede these accounts, but to land and expand."