Wolters Kluwer Introduces the Next Generation of Kluwer Arbitration

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S. today announced the launch of the next generation of Kluwer Arbitration, the world's leading research solution for international arbitration. At a time when international arbitration is becoming an increasingly popular method for companies and sovereign states to settle legal disputes, the newly redesigned site will provide legal professionals with market-leading content and fast, accurate research functionality on a modern interface.


Will Brands be Able to Extract Value from their IP?

Whether the IP owner opts for a fully outsourced solution or simply seeks to optimize in-house management with select outsourcing, unbundling IP services can minimize risk and increase efficiency. IP owners can be relieved of portfolio management related responsibilities; this allows them to allocate efforts towards higher-level strategic planning

In the business realm, the practice of outsourcing is commonplace. With the economic downturn acting as a catalyst,