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Why CSC and HPE Merger Might be a Balancing Act?

After the news broke out that CSC and HPE services are coming together, the IT industry was busy making its own predictions about how this partnership would shape up. However, most IT experts thought that this partnership could lead to better IT services. And, seeing how DXC Technology, the newly company formed out of CSC and HPE is pitching towards creating a digital enterprise, the future looks both bright and secure for the millions of HP and CSC customers.

In early May 2016, reports surfaced that negotiations between CSC and HP is making progress and soon both the companies will come together under one brand name. But it was not until April 2017 that DXC Technology came to its full being with over with 170,000 employees and bringing annual sales of $26 billion.


The Digital CIOs of the World

   By Geoff Wenborn – General Manager, IT, CIO- Origin Energy

Digital technologies have made it possible for platform makers to easily integrate devices and data-streams to positively impact business functions. But, the real success of the digital world is rooted in its ability to empower customers with the knowledge to choose smarter and better products at lower costs. Digital platforms are now seen as modern marvels of technological innovations that have benefited businesses immensely.

Digital use cases are disrupting business models but IT is still managing infrastructure in spite of new challenges; an explosion of data, increase in bandwidth, new channels, unstructured and structured data, faster processing, mobility, wireless, Apps and applications.

Until … you go into work! In a large company it’s still the dark ages, shouldn’t digital make it all easy? Often companies have not given enough thought as to why IT still behaves the same.


Tech Trends to Watch in 2017

   By Michael Ioannakis, CMO, MiracleTek

An IT company today provides its customers with a number of innovative solutions and products brilliantly powered by new technologies. The IT growth seems unprecedented at times, but it is hard to argue on the benefits IT has brought onto many different sectors. Here, we have tried to mention a select few tech solutions that are expected to play key roles in driving the future of businesses.

One of the major shifts, particularly in enterprise, is the movement toward ‘cloud technology’. It is ‘trending’ as a necessary part of business. But the term itself,has much hype and perhaps misunderstanding associated with it. Many organizations recognize cloud technology as something perplexing.

Whether it’s an entire CRM or HRM solutions, enterprises today have immense potential of automating nearly all daily operations thanks to highly sophisticated, yet easy to use applications.