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Cover Story: Top 20 IT Service Providers

Lavinia Noble Surjove | Swift Pace Solutions - Driving Innovation to Serve Business IT Needs

Swift Pace Solutions: Driving Innovation to Serve Business IT Needs

Mid-market companies are slowly making their way into highly-competitive digital world. The benefits of new technologies such as Cloud and big data is pushing IT leaders to create better strategies for technology integration. Not surprisingly, companies have shifted their focus from bigger budgets to implementation of innovative products and services. Today, mid-market companies are responding to new technology decisions more promptly. Read More...

Scott F. Upp | CoSourcing Partners - Leading the Implementation of Healthcare IT Solutions

CoSourcing Partners: Leading the Implementation of Healthcare IT Solutions

As technology integration moves up in the organization agenda, IT will continue its revolutionary impact in the modern market, equipping companies to take advantage of advanced techniques and solutions. The growth of IT in the healthcare sector might seem a recent phenomenon, but there is no shortage of quality service providers making their mark in the industry.Read More...

Glen J. Golemi | eQHealth Solutions - The “High-Tech” & “High-Touch” Healthcare IT Partner

eQHealth Solutions: The “High-Tech” and “High-Touch” Healthcare IT Partner

Consistently delivering quality healthcare is more complicated than it appears. Ask any healthcare institution and they will tell you that technology has changed the face of care perhaps for the better, but not without a few hiccups. For the last 30 years, eQHealth Solutions has been a part of the changing landscape. With their history dating back to 1986, Read More...

Thomas Truitt | Open Systems Technologies - Open Source Simplified

Open Systems Technologies: Open Source Simplified

Open source solutions in recent years have gained a lot of mainstream attention which is largely attributed to the flexibility and versatility offered by the solution. It was this prospect of open competition that this solution presented that prompted the inception of Open System Technologies (OST). Started in 1996, this Virginia based organization has made Read More...

Straight Talk

Cathy Dawson | Dealing with Technology Change

Dealing with Technology Change

By Cathy Dawson, Director of Clinical Affairs, Aesculap

Businesses in pursuit of new technologies generally perform better in the market. Today, established players are able to make steady progress by utilizing new technology platforms. However, it shouldn’t stop there! Organizations need to Read More...

Anupam Govil | Innovation in Outsourcing Contracts

Innovation in Outsourcing Contracts

By Anupam Govil, President/Partner, Avasant

As the IT industry make new ventures into the world of robotics and automation, companies are looking to improve the quality of technology systems, identifying the potential of this fast-changing business environment. In order to better handle Read More...

Paula Da Silva | How to Improve “Online” Customer Experience

How to Improve “Online” Customer Experience

By Paula Da Silva, Senior Vice President, Sales, CitiXsys

Your customers lead busy lives and increasingly look for the most convenient way to shop. Our 2016-2017 Great Omnichannel Expectations Shopper Survey Report confirms if convenience were the only deciding factor in where to shop, Read More...

Tech Talk

Chetan Dube | The New Wave of IT Innovation

The New Wave of IT Innovation

By Chetan Dube,CEO, IPsoft Incorporated

IT has played the role of a trendsetter in many industries, enabling organizations’ to transform their technology systems into a much more efficient and robust unit. Understanding the future growth channels of IT, software vendors are vouching for agile, Read More...

Brad Martin | Benefits of an Omni-channel Experience

Benefits of an Omni-channel Experience

By Brad Martin, Senior Director of Product Marketing, PRO Unlimited

The workforce continues to evolve. About 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is comprised of contingent workers, which consists of temporary contract workers, freelancers, independent professionals, and independent contractors.Read More...

Expert Analysis

Paul Krauss | Evolution of Core Banking Systems

Evolution of Core Banking Systems

By Paul Krauss, Technology Practice Lead, NTT DATA Consulting, Inc.

The constant improvements in mobile and cloud technologies have put the fintech sector in a difficult spot. As the banking industry still lives in its legacy technology systems, a transition to banking modernization is fast becoming a challenge. Read More...

Ekta Ganguly | Technology Revolution is Happening, Now! - Are you Ready?

Technology Revolution is Happening, Now! - Are you Ready?

By Ekta Ganguly, Director of Engineering, Searce Cosourcing

If you were to imagine the predictions for 2050, what would be your top pick? Travelling to Mars? Artificial Intelligence becoming smarter than humans? Self-driving cars? 3D Printers disrupting traditional manufacturing? Read More...