IBM Patents Self-driving Cars, Pledges to Support Innovative AI Systems

With the emergence of intelligent systems, companies are now in a better position to improve interactions between people and computers. Technology giant IBM is intent on making progress in the field of machine learning, and has already created major breakthroughs in the healthcare sector with Watson. The company plans to put more resources behind its AI systems to gain new understanding of cognitive technologies. Recently, IBM researchers obtained patents for a cognitive device that improves the safety of self-driving cars. Cognitive systems are expected to forever change the way human interact with machines by automating processes, making them faster and more accurate.

The system is powered by AI systems and takes advantage of biological cognition and behavior generation in the brain. IBM is looking to secure early lead in the self-driving car arena. There are, of course, a number of challenges in front of IBM. IBM was one of the first companies to venture into the world of self-driving cars. Last year, IBM introduced Olli, a mini bus driven by cognitive computing to improve the passenger experience and allow natural interaction with the vehicle. Olli can help human drivers in a variety of ways, helping them to become better at doing the things we need them to do. Self-driving cars can make driving altogether safer on different road conditions.

Self-driving cars that are being made for our future generation will have the ability to identify potential safety issues. If a self-driving vehicle is subjected to an operational glitch such as a faulty braking system, a burned-out headlight, poor visibility, bad road conditions, the system will decide whether the on-board self-driving vehicle control processor or a human driver is in a better position to handle that anomaly.

IBM Research manager James Kozloski said: “Self-driving vehicles hold great promise and potential, but protecting the safety of passengers and other drivers remains a top priority for vehicle developers and manufacturers.

“We are focused on finding new ways to leverage our understanding of the human brain and inventing systems that can help those enterprises improve the safety of autonomous vehicles on the road.”