Ericsson MediaFirst to Drive SaskTel Pay TV service

SaskTel, a leading Information and Communications Technology provider has tied up with Ericsson to deliver seamless and personalized TV experiences across devices. SaskTel looking to come up with its next generation IPTV service has partnered with Ericsson to benefit from its MediaFirst solutions suite. Ericsson MediaFirst platform will help SaskTel to move into new territories of high-tech TV innovation. The company plans to launch its new IPTV service soon in Saskatchewan in early 2018.

Ericsson and SaskTel are working together to develop new features such as a new Pay TV in-home and TV everywhere product as well as various other services and functions . The emphasis is also on providing customers with a highly personalized interface that gives them the ability to access content on demand, on any device.

Ron Styles, President and CEO at SaskTel, says: "The implementation of Ericsson MediaFirst will position SaskTel at the leading edge of TV innovation and will afford us the flexibility to evolve maxTV as our customer's preferences and habits change over time. In addition, by 2018/19 this platform will allow SaskTel to expand our maxTV service to approximately 100,000 new households spread across more than 300 communities throughout rural Saskatchewan."

Elisabetta Romano, Vice President and Head of Media Solutions at Ericsson, says: "Ericsson MediaFirst will enable SaskTel to deliver a cutting-edge Pay TV service. The ability to innovate at web speed and leverage the MediaFirst ecosystem will help SaskTel deliver breakthrough consumer experiences across all devices and in the home. This agreement is a further step forward in our strong partnership with SaskTel."

Ericsson's MediaFirst solution suite is comprised of Ericsson MediaFirst TV Platform, Video Processing, Video Delivery and Video Storage and Processing Platform (VSPP). As a cloud-based TV platform, Ericsson's MediaFirst TV Platform offers flexibility, scalability and agility to adapt to consumers' constantly evolving behaviors and needs.

Ericsson is an award-winning, global leader in TV and media products and services, with a proven track record in planning and delivering TV and media business transformation for over 20 years. Working with customers around the globe, our design, technology and managed services help to create the most seamless, personal, and intuitive and differentiated experiences for TV consumers.