eQHealth Solutions: The “High-Tech” and “High-Touch” Healthcare IT Partner

Consistently delivering quality healthcare is more complicated than it appears. Ask any healthcare institution and they will tell you that technology has changed the face of care perhaps for the better, but not without a few hiccups. For the last 30 years, eQHealth Solutions has been a part of the changing landscape. With their history dating back to 1986, eQHealth is distinguished as an organization that has seen both the information technology (IT) and healthcare sectors evolve. With deep roots in clinical practice, eQHealth has been a leading force in healthcare information technology and healthcare service delivery innovation.

By leveraging their contacts within the healthcare industry in Louisiana, eQHealth, in their early years was successful in building a robust and efficient quality improvement organization. Their clinical expertise enabled eQHealth to understand the unique needs of organizations within the healthcare sector and develop services accordingly. Over the years, eQHealth extended their offering to include proprietary technology in addition to their services. Like their service offering, eQHealth’s technology portfolio evolved also and in 1992, eQHealth’s data analysis and biostatistics services were initiated along with the introduction of the first edition of their proprietary Peer Utilization Review software (PURs).

Fast forward to today, eQHealth’s technology and services are deployed primarily to address the critical challenges associated with healthcare IT including connectivity and integration, clinical and business intelligence, population health management, care coordination and portal technology/mobile communications. Collectively these areas of IT form the foundation for a comprehensive medical management system, population health management technology and services, and provide the algorithms and data visualization tools to improve and enhance care, and enable patient engagement.

eQHealth’s comprehensive portfolio is divided into two broad categories: eQSuite® Technology and eQCare® services. eQHealth’s technology offering is a “high-tech”, cloud-based platform providing end–to-end management of healthcare populations. For optimal functionality, flexibility and ease of implementation, eQSuite® is divided into three sub-categories or modules.

First, eQHealth’s Clinical Integration Framework connects disparate clinical systems within an organization, health system or clinical network to create a virtual integrated enterprise through which information is shared and patient information is combined to create a longitudinal record for the patients it serves.

Second, is the business intelligence and analytics technology module that focuses on data analysis to understand your patient population, identify risk factors ( high-cost, high-risk members) and uses predictive analytics to target patients for needed clinical intervention, remediation and management. Further, the technology empowers end-users to do true, ad-hoc, real-time reporting and analysis on their data.

The third component of this technology offering is the population health management module which helps clients identify gaps in care, assess the cost of care by chronic condition or disease state and provides the platform for care coordination through evidence-based assessments and individualized plans of care.

“Our cloud-based, modular technology platform, provides ease in implementation for those seeking a complete population health technology or for those that currently have a population health system but are looking to enhance clinical integration, strengthen their business and clinical intelligence capabilities or those needing a more streamlined operational approach to population health management. This is a space where we are continuing to innovate and leverage our industry knowledge. Our capabilities in this market have allowed our clients to excel in population health management, reduce costs and improve the quality of care for the patients they serve,” says Glen J. Golemi, President and CEO, eQHealth.

A core part of the organization’s identity is the clinical services it offers which are marketed under the name eQCare® Services. These services are comprised of two offerings - Medical Management Services and Population Health / Care Coordination. Beginning with Medical Management Services, this offering includes Utilization Review, Care Transitions, Complex Case Management and Chronic Condition Management services offered by eQHealth. Members enrolled in these programs are empowered to manage their own care which creates sustainable behavior change for effective self-care and condition management.

The second part of eQCare® Services dubbed Population Health / Care Coordination is a “high-touch”, face-to-face interdisciplinary approach to integrating health care and social support services. The philosophy behind their population health/care coordination program is a community-centric approach, employing care coordinators from within the communities where their clients and their patients live and work. This innovative, “high-touch” approach ensures that care coordinators understand the social and cultural environment of their patient populations enabling a more personalized and effective management approach. “These care coordinators are our front line team and the largest users of our own technology,” says Glen. By leveraging the combined potential of both eCare® and eQSuite®, today eQHealth serves over 10,000,000 patients across the country.

eQHealth’s unique method of blending technology and clinical services to deliver a comprehensive population health solution puts the organization at an advantage thereby setting it aside from others that provide similar solutions. This coupled with the organization’s understanding of diverse communities enables them to serve their equally diverse clientele which is comprised of federal and state governments, commercial, large and small entities. “We see what many different groups are doing and how they are thinking about the future of population health management; that gives us a broad view of industry trends and practices,” elaborates Glen. This approach over the past three decades has earned eQHealth several accolades, the most notable among which are Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), Utilization Management Accreditation (1996), URAC, Disease Management Accreditation (2014), and HITRUST Certification (2016).

In the years to come, eQHealth is poised to fortify existing client partnerships, build new customer relationships and invest in technological advancements to maintain and grow their best-in-class population health management practice. For more information go to www.eqhs.org.