Enterprise Security

Ixia Report Links Network Complexities to Increasing Security Risks

Ixia, a networking leader recently published its first Security Report that highlighted the major security challenges organizations would be facing in 2017. Networking companies increase use of network appliances and storage systems will test their vulnerabilities to security breaches and cyber-threats. The report found out that the growth in IT complexity has become difficult to manage and companies worrying about attacks on their networks will have to find ways to balance both aspects of their business.

Malware attacks have become a harsh reality in modern day businesses. Nearly every mobile and desktop operating system was affected by Ransomware attacks in 2016. The rise in cloud adoption is another reason why organizations need better testing and automated monitoring to move data safely through workloads. According to a survey by Enterprise Management Associates, on an average an enterprise deploys six different cloud services into its systems. Data breaches are as risky to corporate assets as ever and businesses need to rethink their security strategies.

However, the Ixia report found out that the typical enterprise performs only limited testing before deploying new devices and has no way of independently validating their performance operation. A lack of tools and techniques to monitor security practices can lead IT networks to further segmentation. This makes every new device a potential security threat. In a way, the network itself becomes an entry point for malware attacks. According to the Ixia report, 36% enterprises using three or more cloud services do not use security tools to monitor or protect their environment.

“Organisations need to constantly monitor, test, and shift security tactics to keep ahead of attackers in the fast-paced threat landscape we all deal with today. This is especially important as new cloud services and increased IoT devices are routinely being introduced,” explains Steve McGregory, senior director of Application Threat Intelligence at Ixia.

“To do this effectively, organisations must start by studying their evolving attack surface and ensure they have the proper security expansion measures in place. Simple but effective testing and operational visibility can go a long way to improving security,” he continues.