CoSourcing Partners: Leading the Implementation of Healthcare IT Solutions

As technology integration moves up in the organization agenda, IT will continue its revolutionary impact in the modern market, equipping companies to take advantage of advanced techniques and solutions. The growth of IT in the healthcare sector might seem a recent phenomenon, but there is no shortage of quality service providers making their mark in the industry. One such company that has overcome its share of challenges to prove itself as a leader is Award-Winning, CoSourcing Partners. CoSourcing Partners is a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a leader in boutique IT project staffing and consulting specializing in the healthcare markets. The firm aspires to dramatically reduce the shortfalls associated with recruiting philosophies and drastically increases the candidate and client satisfaction.

CoSourcing Partners has grown in scale to include strategic consulting services for the healthcare industry. Today, the Company has added new solutions to address a wide array of needs; RPA (robotic process automation), PMO, infrastructure, data management, business intelligence, security, audit, compliance, enterprise architecture, IT governance and risk management. CoSourcing Partners has consistently delivered breakthrough results for clients, by carefully matching those clients’ needs with top IT talent. As a result, the number of clients and projects is soaring; CoSourcing Partners has grown by over 750% in the last 3 years, and has expanded to provide solutions in the financial services, supply chain and telecommunications industries.

A Unique Approach

Technology will play a decisive role in boosting healthcare efficiency. Companies that incorporate innovate IT solutions can achieve significant operating cost reductions. These are surely exciting times for healthcare customers and technology providers. CoSourcing Partners has successfully shown clients how to effectively save money and time to fill open seats and incorporating all-inclusive rates, travel rates, contract, contract to hire and statement of work delivery models saving clients 15-30% in expenses.

CoSourcing Partners measures and reports on performance targets in the following areas: 1) Turnaround time from order requisition to employee start, 2) Fill rate percentage, 3) On time fill measures, 4) Candidate's acceptance percentage, 5) Assignment completion percentage, 6) Employee performance, 7) Employee turnover rate, 8) Customer complaint resolution, 9) Customer order tracking, 10) Quality of work from temporary employee. When gauging performance in a quantitative manner CSP uses "KPI's" Key Performance Indicators.

CoSourcing Partners maintains metrics through a formal reporting process including spreadsheet of monthly, quarterly and annual metrics. Quantitative metrics include detail concerning candidates, interviews, submissions, placements as well as employee attendance and turnover. The company tracks each consultant’s submission, interview and hires. Through this measurement CSP achieves a 41.8% submission to hire ratio (Better than 1 of 3) the benefits our Client’s receive is less time, risk and money spent on interviewing and hiring.

Scott F. Upp, Jr, Managing Director, CoSourcing Partners says, “Staffing for us isn't just a resource swapping game; it's a knowledge acquisition and application of the knowledge process. Because we are so entrenched in the technological aspects of the industry, and our network of resources associated with the industry is quite expansive, we are able to react and deliver to the needs of our clients better than any other firm in the industry.”

Why CoSourcing Partners

In 2016, the firm was chosen among the National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and Inc. Magazine recognized CoSourcing Partners for the second year in a row and TechServe Alliance presented them with the Excellence Award for the third year running. As an IT Project Staffing and Consulting provider, CoSourcing Partners Award-winning Recruiting Process reduces client costs as a direct result of our superior statistics and metrics. Coupled with a deep understanding of the US labor markets, skill-set, supply & demand, the company can offer recruitment solutions customized to needs/requirements.

Clearly, CoSourcing Partner's key competitive advantage is the deep expertise in the IT services space. Scott F. Upp, Jr, Founder, CoSourcing Partners has been associated with this market for over 15 years and has built the company to support organizations across this ecosystem. Straight up from an entrepreneurial family, CoSourcing Partners was always a dream project for Scott. This business connection and years of experience not only brought out the best in Scott, but also altered his childhood. In his words, while other kids were playing baseball, Scott learned at a young age that to accept the “counter offer”, was the kiss of death. “The dinner table was always business,” he explains jovially.

The Road Ahead

The next six years promise to be equally dynamic. For example, the company is currently rolling out a robotic process automation solution to all key and strategic clients who are looking to further reduce process, increase efficiency, reduce operating cost and improve profitability. CoSourcing Partners robotic process automation team has developed a proven process with rapid ROI within 60 days a client will have a proof of concept. The company is also developing a next generation, workforce audit application. The zero-cost entry application will help reduce client labor expenditures immediately on day one, generating greater transparency and minimizing business risks. In the coming months, CoSourcing Partners has envisioned to bring more and more skilled IT professionals to healthcare organizations, and to ensure effective utilization of various IT solutions.