Consulting Group International: The Innovation Partner for FinTech Businesses

The FinTech market has seen tremendous amount of changes in the past 25 years. Many years back, the industry originally adopted technology to automate its data gathering, processing and back-office operational tasks primarily using mainframe computers. With the advent of the PC and micro-computer technologies, the FinTech industry was quick to create a technology network that spread deep into their front-offices, and helped automate and increase sales productivity. The arrival of the internet completely changed the industry, smashing old barriers and democratizing the way financial services companies interact with their clients and opening doors to faster access to financial markets. And now, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, a new area of big data analytics has opened up, allowing for unprecedented behavior analysis, pattern recognition and predictive modeling, setting the stage for the birth of robo-advisors and more!

Consulting Group International, a financial services company has shown an impeccable track record in leading organizations through their transformational phase. FinTech startups face a lot of challenges as they chart their path to success in the Financial Services industry. CGI provides them with the expertise, advice, counseling and guidance needed to navigate these challenges and establish them as a leader in the industry. “Our collective 25+ years of FinTech experience uniquely positions us to help our clients avoid the common pitfalls of growing a FinTech company and help maximize their business opportunity to its fullest,” says Adnane Charchour, CEO, Consulting Group International. Consulting Group International (CGI) was started to harness the collective experiences accumulated by an executive team having over 25+ years in servicing clients with technology solutions in the FinTech space. The past quarter century has seen such a major and rapid shift in technology innovation that surpassed the prior century’s industrial revolution by light years. Bringing more profound changes in people’s lives, improving interactions and utilization of technology in day-to-day life are some of the bigger goals set by the company. CGI’s executive team members have been active leaders in the forefront of this amazing technology paradigm shift which has focused CGI’s effort to help companies navigate the complexities of adopting technology innovation in order to gain a strategic advantage in today’s technology-centric economy. From, as basic as, web enabling their business, to seamlessly adopting mobile technology to gain more market share or to push all the way toward the new frontier of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies, CGI has the expertise and the knowhow to make this a reality.

Consulting Group International offers three distinct services to its clients:

FinTech Software + Technology: This division focuses primary on providing cutting edge technology capabilities to financial services firms. It covers the full gamut of the technology lifecycle: from web and mobile enablement, to the latest in AI technology integration, to business processes and bringing the power of predictive analytics to business decision-making.

Business Strategy + Operations: A new service focused primarily on FinTech start-ups, this service helps entrepreneurs with all aspects of growing their company including business strategy, planning, market positioning and venture capital fund raising. Consider it as having a combination CEO & CFO in-a-box to help make business succeed at a fraction of the price.

Technology + Business Due Diligence: This is the most recent addition to the CGI’s suite of services. CGI offers acquiring companies and venture capital companies in the FinTech space a comprehensive due diligence process to help them validate and assess their decision prior to making a final financial commitment. The company’s services encompass an -la-carte choice of technology, financial and/or operational due diligence.

Adapting Innovative Methods to Meet Customer Demand

As experts in FinTech, CGI is well positioned to assist financial institutions in reinventing themselves using technology to overcome challenges and gain a competitive advantage. With over 25+ years in servicing the securities industry, CGI’s team has a unique perspective on what works and what does not work in the industry. CGI clients recognize the firms as a trusted business partner that they can rely on to tackle complex technology challenges. The company fully supports its clients to bring an increase in productivity, a decrease in human error through automation, an improved speed of accessing and sharing information, and a solution that provides a competitive advantage. These benefits ultimately impact the bottom line by either reducing costs or increasing revenue. The development of digital information practices will continue to transform the financial services industry and ultimately change the way clients transact business with financial institutions. The biggest benefit that clients derive, from partnering with CGI, is their ability to tap into the skill sets of a unique list of talented technology and business resources that give them the confidence to run their technology projects, small and large, on time and on budget. With over 100+ projects under the belt, adding up to over $50M+ in budgeted spending; the company offers a unique perspective that allows clients to achieve more success.

Adnane explains, “Our unique blend of technology veterans, combined with millennials and “Generation Z” talent provides for a potent combination of experience, creativity and energy that allow us to provide our clients with a unique perspective on how technology is used and adopted in this new digital age. That is what gives us the edge!” The company wants to continue to be a trusted partner, offering innovation services to take FinTech businesses to the next level. Adnane concludes, “What we have achieved in just one year since CGI’s inception, took us more than four years to achieve in our previous FinTech start-up. So, if we continue this pace of growth, we believe the sky would be the only limit and that is what we would call progress!”