iResult: Making Data More Accessible to Education Leaders

Imagine how a school superintendent has to regularly keep track of enormous amount of information about day-to-day administration, school educational programs and student’s performance to conduct effective school improvement. In a demanding environment like this, where data is collected from a number of different sources, data analysis is bound to get cumbersome and difficult. However, technology companies have shown a way to solve this challenge by bringing in big data technologies into educational establishments. Due to its abilities to improve both results and decision-making, big data is being perceived as the next big thing by many educational experts that will revolutionize the education industry in the years to come. More and more universities and colleges are already embracing big data to impact student’s lives positively and to create a better administration.

One company that started out of with a vision to help superintendents and leaders in education transform the way they manage school districts (from anecdotal evidence to data-driven evidence) was iResult. iResult came into being back in 2011 to make data more accessible to education leaders, and for helping professionals to connect with each other and drive data discussions in real-time. Working side by side with administrators and principals, the company applies its business experience and data expertise to develop a solution specifically designed for site and district leaders.

“We realized that while edu-tech companies have dramatically improved learning in the classroom, District Administrators, Principals and Board Leadership lack solutions that can gives them a single point of access to the multiple systems they already use and the ability to gain insight and intelligence from the data collected in these multiple systems. We created a solution to this problem and the result is iResult,” explains Dawn Verdick, Founder & CEO Today, leaders in education do not have access to real-time data from all of the disparate systems they use; and they lack the tools to make sense of the complex information gathered from 50 plus systems found in an average school district. iResult offers them the abilities to access multiple data sources in one platform and understand data via a goal-based approach.

Helping to Build the Modern Education System

In an ever-increasing collection of disconnected systems, databases, spreadsheets and applications, iResult has been successful in transforming the way schools deliver real student results. iResult is a school district-wide platform, which helps schools to engage teams in data-driven conversations on how to maximize learning and teaching in classrooms. Being an intuitive platform, iResult is able to bring together all the information at one place to help schools make faster, better-informed decisions that support student results.

Dawn adds, “Once iResult connects to your data, it brings it all into a single platform. In addition, iResult allows you to engage your team in data-driven conversations so you can take immediate action without sending a single email.”

If you are leading a school district’s Data & IT Team, then you are probably in charge of collecting, analyzing and communicating massive volumes of data about your school, teachers and students. But with that responsibility comes the inevitable, never-ending queue of reporting requests. You are the go-to-person for any report needed—whether it’s for a Board presentation or a grant report. iResult helps alleviate demand on IT by connecting to all these disparate data sources, so you can access and deliver information faster than ever before.

For a curriculum & instruction administrator, data contains everywhere—spreadsheets, student information systems, data & assessment systems, blended learning systems and more. That makes it hard to access the information you need, and even harder to make sense of it all. iResult solves that problem by connecting directly to all your sources of academic data, so you can have the data you require, right at your fingertips.

The key challenge client’s face when they approach iResult is the fact that there is no data science companies focused on solutions for the K12 sector. There is a dire need in the K12 sector to turn an abundance of data into actionable insight. iResult mitigates this by providing data science packages specifically designed for Superintendents, Principals and leaders in education.

The Big Data solutions rendered by iResult continue to bring out the potential of data educated management systems that help a school to determine a range of indicators about teacher’s and student’s performance. The company has several data science packages that it has engineered to address problems stemming from absences, tardies, behavioral referrals, and academic achievement and graduation requirements. In combination with these data science packages, iResult also provides professional development suits to support schools and school districts make sense of the data derived from its solutions.

When asked about the core competency of iResult and the vision that made company to uniquely stand out in the market, Dawn replied, “We are the only data science company focused solely on the K12 sector. We understand the needs of managers who are in charge of the “business of education”. We have seen first-hand their challenges and the immense pressure they are under to use their data to drive improvement in student performance.”

The future holds many new challenges and opportunities for iResult and the company is looking to achieve even more success in the years to come? The company has planned to offer services to as many schools and school districts to make a real difference in the education sector. “We have just launched and released version 3.0 of iResult. In the future, we will introduce artificial intelligence features in our suite of products,” concludes Dawn.