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Cover Story: Big Data Service Providers

John Onder | CBIG Consulting - Redefining Enterprise Solutions with Big Data

CBIG Consulting: Redefining Enterprise Solutions with Big Data

How to use data effectively is still a question that challenges organizations on a day-to-day basis. There is no way an organization can simply grab innovative opportunities brought upon by new technologies without sophisticated data management techniques. If an organization wants to make the best out of its IT investment, it has to learn adapting to the latest big data and analytics solutions. Today, the market for big data and analytics technologies has become bigger and more competitive than before. Read More...

Stefan Groschupf | Datameer - Data Analytics Made Easy

Datameer: Data Analytics Made Easy

Computerized Data today governs almost all aspects of our lives. Considering the versatility of its application which ranges from solving complex business problems to curing cancer, data has been proven to be the most effective tool in solving complex challenges. For the San Francisco based firm, Datameer, this belief is the cornerstone of their business motto. Read More...

Sundeep Sanghavi | DataRPM


While there is a lot of pressure for every industrial company to be data-driven, very few companies have truly achieved the value from their big data initiatives from large streams of sensor data. The industrial world has been struggling with the issue of ever-growing connectivity of ‘things’. The problem is further compounded with erratic and dynamic behavior of machines in Read More...

Dawn Verdick | iResult - Making Data More Accessible to Education Leaders

iResult: Making Data More Accessible to Education Leaders

Imagine how a school superintendent has to regularly keep track of enormous amount of information about day-to-day administration, school educational programs and student’s performance to conduct effective school improvement. In a demanding environment like this, where data is collected from a number of different sources, data analysis is bound to get cumbersome and difficult.Read More...

Catherine Havasi | Luminoso Technologies

Luminoso Technologies: Programming the Enterprise to Adapt to the “Human” Way of Life

Artificial Intelligence or AI presents several prospects which scientists and researchers have been trying to harness and bring to reality for decades. While AI is being applied in several verticals today, most of its applications are still in the prototype phase. Read More...

Jim Vogt | Zettaset - The Leader in Big Data Security Solutions

Zettaset: The Leader in Big Data Security Solutions

The expansiveness and complexity of Big Data has rendered traditional data processing, storage, and security solutions as inadequate. The highly-scalable distributed computing architectures that provide the infrastructure for Big Data cannot be effectively addressed by legacy technologies that were originally designed for monolithic relational database environments. Read More...