Going Beyond Your Traditional IT Systems

Seth Robinson, Senior Director, Technology Analysis, CompTIA

Changing the IT Trajectory with Progressive Project Management

Contributed by Justin Sheppard, Director of Information Technology, GTCR

The New Wave of IT Innovation

By Chetan Dube,CEO, IPsoft Incorporated.

Modernizing the Trading Experience

By Kenneth G. Faulkner, Corporate Vice President, PAREXEL Informatics

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How to Improve “Online” Customer Experience

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Your New Digital Advertising Plan

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Understanding the World of BPOs

By Henry C. Eickelberg, MD


"It was our pleasure to work with The Technology Headlines on the IoT feature. Our executive team enjoyed the experience and it was fun working with your editorial team directly. Personally, landing a cover was incredible."

Min-Liang Tan, Razer Inc, CEO

“We are honored to be included in this group of great companies, and it is yet another acknowledgment of how the Monnit team is providing relevant solutions for business customers globally,”

- Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit Corporation.


Why Software Security is Most Important

The modern supply chain has become an essential component of every company’s IT infrastructure, regardless of its size or industrial sector. Unfortunately, supply chain managers have tended to ignore basic issues of cyber security. In the years preceding its recent cyber attack, for example

Understanding the Route to Business Expansion

Published by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the study“Corporate overseas expansion: opportunities and barriers” also finds that the next biggest motivation for CFOs to expand overseas is to open new markets for their products and services (67 percent). Nearly half (49 Percent) indicated that

Improving the Retail Experience

The spread of digital technologies and connected devices is changing the way businesses operate across all sectors. No doubt. However, there is no industry for which the digital transformation has been as lopsided as in retail. Traditional bricks and mortar retail and online retail seem to be driven on two

Change your Workforce with Technology

The integration of technology into the modern workforce has drastically impacted what the typical day looks like and the variety of responsibilities expected from employees. Between responding to emails, providing status updates in project management tools, attending meetings and all the

Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

With almost every industry today facing the effects of transformation, it is important to make adjustments and allow companies to adapt to new goals and business objectives. New technologies are likely to yield more dramatic results that what it did ten-twenty years back. The potential of big data analytics...

How Crucial is Business Change

Change and uncertainty go hand in hand... but uncertainty often causes most of the problems. Transformational Leaders need to reduce people's feelings of helplessness, protect productivity, and set the stage for successful organizational change. Change agents protect profits, build corporate momentum...